Sunday, September 7, 2008

Chapter Eighty-Five

It was a little while later that Jesse woke to a rapping sound coming from the door downstairs. She rolled her head lazily over to see Jon was nestled securely behind her, his leg was curled over her leg and his right hand still cupping her breast protectively as he slept.

“Jon” she whispered “We’ve got to get the door” her voice still a little shallow.

Sleepy Blue eyes peaked through his closed eye lids along with a small yawn and his tongue flickered out and moistened his lips. His gaze finally focused on the mussed up woman that lay in his arms before the last few hours came rushing back through his mind. “Baby it will be the police” he said planting a kiss on her forehead before shifting from her to grab his jeans and pull on his top before padding back down the stairs to the door.

Groaning at the void he’d left moving from her she slid out of bed and grabbed her clothes redressing quickly, tying her hair back up in a loose ponytail she gave herself a once over in the large mirror on the tallboy before sliding on her shoes and joining him downstairs. Time to face reality.

Jon had already let in the two policemen that towered over him into the living area. The older one with many years of experience ingrained on his face tilted his hat at her “Good evening m’am I’m Sergeant Robson, Mr Bongiovi tells us that you’d like to get a restraining order and lay an assault complaint against your ex-husband that attacked you today” the way he spoke about it like it was an every day occurrence blew her away.

She nodded and looked over at Jon “Restraining order yes, I haven’t decided on the charges” Jon’s eyes closed and his lips muttered more than likely a curse word.

“Jesse we discussed this” he said calmly recomposing himself. Jesus Christ.

“No you did. This is my decision” she turned back to the policeman “So what do I need to do for this restraining order?” she asked.

Sergeant Robson pulled the papers out of an A4 leather bound folder and placed them on the table along with a pen. “Just these and we can file it straight away” he paused before speaking again “are you sure about the charges? From what Mr Bongiovi has told us you have grounds to do this, often charges scare the attacker into backing down” he explained.

She shook her head “Not at the moment, I’m filling this in and then that’s it” she said walking over to the table leaving Jon in her wake. He lifted his hand to his face and mulled for a bit. She could make him just about crazy doing this, god if only he had seen it, then he’d lay the damn fucking charges himself as a witness.

Jesse filled out the necessary paper work and signed everything she needed to, it was done. She now had a restraining order on her ex-husband.

“Ok, well just give us a call if you want to discuss or change your mind about those charges, and if he tries anything once he’s been served the papers you call the police straight away” The sergeant instructed.

She nodded as the two policemen left. Jon had fallen strangely quiet but behind those blue eyes she just knew he was brooding. “Shall I start some dinner?” she asked trying to break the silence.

“Yeah we should eat it’s been a long day” he watched her disappear into his kitchen and poke around in the freezer which was always well stocked. He followed her and leaned against the doorframe. So many things he wanted to say but he didn’t so he just watched her decide over what he had in the freezer.

“Steak ok?” she asked not looking up. She could feel the displeasure that was in his stare already but she ignored it.

He nodded not saying much else, he was too busy sulking that he didn’t take reins and make her press the charges. She went about cutting the steak and shifting it into a greased hot pan while she prepared the vegetables.

“So Stephanie enjoyed being at my office? She seemed to have fun, she’s a great girl Jon” Jesse asked dicing the carrots and throwing them in a wok along with the broccoli and onions.

He managed a small grin “Yeah she did, couldn’t stop talking about you and George, he made an impression on her as well” Least that was one good thing, Stephanie hadn’t been able to shut up about her day, even to her mother which in turn would help Dot accept Jesse as a part of his life.

Jesse chuckled “Well he usually does my George, he’s my right hand man, just like Richie is to you” she explained. Satisfied with the dinner cooking away she reached into where she knew Jon kept the wine and chose a bottle of Merlot and grabbed two wine glasses. She knifed the cork and poured the wine.

“He seems a bit of a character” Jon commented accepting the glass from her and bringing it to his lips.

“Oh he is, he’s been there from the start with me, he has great ideas and we gel so well on the same styles of clothes, everything, even men” she teased.

Jon placed his glass on the granite surface, “how long are you going to pretend everything is ok Jess?” he asked.

Jesse looked up at him, here we go. She sighed “I knew you weren’t over this, I could see you brewing the minute the police left” she muttered. “Jon-“

“No Jess, its time for you to listen. I’m not used to seeing my family, and that includes you, making stupid mistakes when I know it can be fixed” he explained walking closer to her, he leaned forward and placed his hands on her hips, tempted to take her right now he tried to continue with his point.

“Jon” she began the smell of his cologne mixed with the fragrant basil and oregano she’d thrown into the wok as he came closer pressing his body against hers. How long was this going to go on? Until she gave in?

“Jess, please, he needs to learn to be punished for what he did, I’m so close to calling some guys I know, to go and pay him a little visit” he whispered his lips fluttering over hers.

Her eyes widened “You wouldn’t do that?” she asked horrified he’d even thought of it.

“No one fucks with my family, I told you that, and if I can’t get you to press charges against the bastard, I will take it into my own hands to ensure he’ll never hurt you again” his lips coasted down the arch of her neck.

There was something overwhelmingly sexy yet scary about the way he was talking, it was the darker side of Jon that she didn’t know existed. Her hands gripped the back of his neck, and his hands kept roaming her body, when one hand slipped up her thigh to inching towards her centre. “Jon please…”

“I will protect you” a finger slid home letting a small cry fall from her lips.

“I won’t let anyone hurt you again” a second finger slipped past the scrap of lace penetrating her, coated with her slick juices he began to pump slowly.

“God, Jon… the dinner…” she managed to get out, the sizzling of the steak beside her and the buzzing in her brain that was about to make her collapse
, god she wanted him now, her nipples hardened against the soft material of her bra, craving to be suckled by his lips. His tight groin ground up against her telling her he was ready too.

“Never” he whispered sucking on her ear lobe as the third finger slipped past the heated flesh causing her to groan. “Do you understand me?” he asked her nibbling along her slender jaw line and back around to her full lips. “Let me protect you Jess, please” he begged. The fire in his kiss consumed her.

The rocking of her body against his hand built momentum, feeling her whole start to body tighten, awakening under his spell. “Please…Jon” this time it was a plea to let her cum, not to stop. “Please” she breathed.

“That’s it baby, let it all go, you don’t want to burn dinner now do you? I’m not stopping till you do” his words still silkily dark but teasing. He went deeper and faster until her body clenched around his hand and the release ripped from her throat.

She slumped over his shoulder, panting, catching her breath back, speechless. He removed his hand from her and straightened up. “I need to make some calls, let me know when dinner is done ok?” he kissed her forehead and turned to walk away. She nodded watching him leave, what the hell just happened here? She shakily pulled herself together and went back to stirring the wok. Maybe she had made a mistake not laying the charges, just maybe.


Anonymous said...


Ok, yeah, part of me wouldn't be able to resist that either, but is he trying to use sex to control her now? Sex and threats? And then walking away so she can finish dinner like a good girl?

Personally, I love evil, manipulative, controlling Jon, and this strikes me as being a lot like him...nice job Tres! :)

Anonymous said...

I agree with Samantha ... it was manipulative and controlling ... and that's okay with me ... to an extent. Be careful, though, Jonny - Jesse isn't dumb and this hot, sexy, "let me protect you" won't work forever ... hmmm ... or would it?

Anonymous said...

Damn - he's definitely using his sex appeal to dominate her in this situation. Don't know how I feel about that but you've given me something to think about. Can't wait to see if watching her orgasm is all Jon's gonna get out of his antics. Can't call this one. The man is convincing as hell!! I don't think I'd be able to resist him.

Great chapter!!

Jovi's Willow said...

I agree with Samantha. There is something about this dark, controlling, "Jersey" Jon that just makes me want to melt. I don't think I'd be able to resist him.

Great chapter.