Saturday, September 13, 2008

Chapter Eighty-Six

Chapter Eighty – Six

Jon spent the next thirty minutes up in his study tiding up emails, accepting and declining appointments. Finally satisfied he was at least back in some form of control he went to close his laptop but stopped midway. Jesse wasn't going lay charges, he couldn't do anything in the world to convince her. She was too much like himself at times , he grinned that’s why he loved her. When her mind was made up it was made up. She obviously felt just too strongly on this one. Jon hated it, he was trying so hard to accept it, short of sexually manipulating her further there wasn't going to be much he could do to change her mind.

Rubbing his hand against his chin he thought for a second of ringing Big Tony, a guy who he wasn't proud to know. A few years ago when Jon was receiving death threats from a crazed boyfriend of a fan, he had Big Tony deal to the situation when the police failed to give him any confidence in the situation. It wasn't his proudest moment but he had a family to protect, not just himself and now the situation called for it again.

Jon closed the door to the study and picked up his cell phone dialling the number sucking is his breath. It wasn’t until a thick Italian voice answered he let it go.

"Hello, Tony speaking"

Jon's heart hammered loudly against his ribs, no going back now. "Big Tony, it's Jon Bongiovi, long time no talk" he said staring out the window and shoving his spare hand in his jeans pocket.

"Heyyy Jonny boy, how you doin’? Keeping out of trouble?" Tony asked.

"Yeah, I'm doing fine Tony what about you?" dumb question, he worked for the mob, Tony's life never revolved around keeping out of trouble.

"You know how it goes, can't discuss that but things are on the slow at the moment, what brings you to call though Jonny boy? Having some problems?"

Jon cringed "Yeah, I have a ex-husband that's gone a little crazy on my now fiancé, who I love dearly and she wont press charges against him. I doubt my word against his is going to mean shit... so... yeah" Jon trailed off hoping Tony would read between the lines.

A raspy chuckle vibrated down the phone "I see, so you want someone to pay this guy a visit…, what are you talking? Threats? A bit of rough up?" Tony asked. Jon would never get a hit done and Big Tony knew that.

"Yeah just enough to make him leave her the hell alone, he nearly god damned raped her in the parking lot of her apartment" Jon spat, the anger still very fresh in his veins.

"Ouch, well in that case, I'll reserve a little something special for him. So consider it done, for a fee" Big Tony replied.

Jon snorted "Of course, just send me the email details of the account you want it transferred into and the amount and consider it done"

"Well interest has gone up, but I like you Jonny so we'll keep the same price as last time."

"Thanks Big Tony, I appreciate it, I'll send you the details of who he is and where he lives, and as usual this is strictly confidential" Jon said sternly. Jesse would kill him if she knew he was doing this.

"Jonny, I'm insulted! this is me Big Tones, you're money is as good as my word you know that"

Jon chuckled "I know, thank you Tony, I appreciate this. He can’t get away with this. I won't let it happen. You don't mess with my family and get off clean with a just a fucking restraining order" he said.

Tony laughed "You know Jon if you ever need a career change we could do with a guy like you" Jon knew he was kidding but had to laugh.

"I'll keep that in mind, I've got go to man but I'll be in touch"

"Ciao Jonny" Tony said and then there was silence. Jon closed his cell phone and then quickly filled out the details on the email that Tony would need. He then closed everything down and let out and took a deep breath. Slightly guilty but he was used to taking things into his own hands and if this is how it had to be so be it.

He walked back downstairs in time to see Jesse placing the cutlery on the table she'd set. She didn't look up at him, instead she went back to the kitchen and brought the two plates out and put them down without saying a word.

"Just in time huh?" he grinned walking over and planting a kiss on her temple "Looks great baby, let me pour us some wine" he said picking up the bottle of red she'd chosen and poured them both two glasses.

He shifted and slid into the chair opposite her and with his fork speared some chicken.“This tastes divine baby, we’ll keep you on” he winked.

Jesse smiled and took a sip of her wine. He was acting like nothing had happened? He’d accosted her in the kitchen, made her orgasm along with some threatening words and now just acted like it was an everyday occurrence? She wanted to throw down her fork at him but she remained calm. He just is doing what he thinks best, that’s all Jess. Just let it go. But damn she couldn’t.

“Jon about before” she began, shit she’d said it, no backing out now.

He continued eating “Mmm, What about it baby?” he asked. He didn’t even flinch for a second, she watched him continue to tuck into his dinner. He finally looked up and waved his fork around “What about it?” his steady blue gaze settled on hers.

She picked up her napkin and brought it to her lips, “I was going to let this go, I really was but where the hell do you get off doing what you just did to me in there?” she spat throwing the napkin back down on the table.

“What? You enjoyed it? Yes?” he asked continuing to eat.

She was going to blow, how could he think it was just ok? “SO sexual manipulation is one of your strong points is it? Anything else I should know about that you do when you don’t get your own way before I marry you?” she pushed back her chair and stood up, the clatter of her cutlery hitting the plate. She couldn’t stand how he was acting like nothing was wrong.

Jon bolted upright and grabbed her arm before she headed away “Jess” he said softly. He pulled her into his embrace and held her tightly, her cheek brushed against the fibres of his shirt. “I’m sorry I came across like that, I can’t help myself when I feel strongly about something and especially this” his hand stroked her hair curling a lone strand around her ear. “I don’t understand but I’ll let it go for now” Jon closed his eyes, only because I’ve dealt with it myself.

He pulled her back and cupped her chin; the twist in his heart at her gorgeous big brown eyes looking so sad hit him. “It’s only because I love you so damn much, you know that don’t you?” he asked with the pad of his thumb he caressed her cheek.

She nodded “I know Jon, it’s just...” she closed her eyes. She didn’t even know why she still felt the need to protect Jason like she was.

“It’s ok Jesse, you have the right to feel what you do, I can’t change that but god, just promise me that if anything happens. Or if he tries to see you... anything, you call the police.” He swallowed “I love you too damn much to see anything happen to you ok?” he asked. I’d never forgive myself.

She quickly nodded “I promise I will Jon. I’m sorry I know you want me to do it..."

He placed a finger against her lips “Shhh, it’s over now ok. I’m going to accept this but we’re going to be careful and we have to be extra careful around the kids ok, I told you Dot was going away didn’t I?” he asked her. With at that had been going on he couldn’t remember.

She nodded “I didn’t think it was this soon though?” she asked surprised, her mind suddenly focused on the fact she would have four children to help Jon look after.

“It’s for a week starting Saturday, she’s off to Los Angeles to catch up with an old friend who’s sick. So we get to play parents for the week” he chuckled “You will see me in FULL Dad mode” he teased pressing his lips against her nose.

She laughed and brought her hands up around his neck, the tips of her fingers teasing the hair at his nape. “Full daddy mode huh? Does Daddy get angry?” she asked, a mischievous smirk breaking out on her lips.

She felt the warmness of his body press against hers, and the soft scrape of lips down the side of her neck up to her earlobe “Daddy gets very angry” he whispered nibbling on her lobe.

Shivers racked down her body at his low husky voice teasing her. She’d still be so angry if she didn’t love him so much and knew he was only trying to protect her the way he knew how. Her lips found his in a sensual kiss, “I love you Jon”

“I love you too Jess” and that’s why I had to protect you even if you wouldn’t. You’ll understand one day. I never let things take to chance. Never.


Anonymous said...

Tres this was masterfully done -- the counterplay between what he was saying to her and his actual thoughts. We know that she wouldn't approve, yet also feel sorry for the place he's been put in. Can't wait to see what happens next - I sense a big condundrum...

Faithfully Yours,
The Fiction Mistress

Anonymous said...

Oh wow... Jonnn you bad boy! I like it. I can see him protecting his family like that. But Jess is going to be so mad!! More please, hope there is a new chapter soon!

Jovi's Willow said...

I love the point/counterpoint between what Jon is thinking here and what he is saying out loud. I think that there is even a layer here that he is not recognizing - or wanting to admit.

Does Daddy get angry??? LOL!!

Another great chapter!

Anonymous said...

Anymore? I'm anxious what will happen next to Jason?!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm lets see if this works again - Need more please :)