Monday, September 29, 2008

Chapter Eighty-Eight

Jon cracked his eyes open and groaned. The back of his head felt like an anvil had been smashed against it. His eyes focused on the room to rest on a tall figure standing in front of him, Jason. What in the fuck?

He jolted but he didn't get far, his wrists burning against the rope that had his hands bound at the back of the chair he was seated in. Fuck, he was tied up? How the hell did this happen!

Jason knelt down at Jon's level so his face was just inches apart "Well look who's back in the land of the living, take a bit of a fall did we?" he asked, his voice laced with sarcasm.

The urge to move forward again reminded him he was immobile.

"What the fuck do you want?" he spat. He wasn't showing this bastard any fear. Jason's features were much rougher than he remembered. Coarse stubble grew around his chin, and his face was a mixture of purple and blue from the beating he'd received from Big Tony's crew. His eyes were cut with big black rings shadowing them.

Holy shit, Jon gulped. Of course he wasn't stupid, he knew that Big Tony played hardball when it came to this sort of thing but seeing it up close and personal. Jon started to have a very bad feeling about his decision.

Jason laughed slapping Jon's cheek lightly "What do I want Jersey? What do I want?" he stood up and paced around him, his movements erratic and unpredictable.

Jon heaved when the sole of Jason's boot rammed hard into his stomach almost knocking his chair backwards. "Fuck" he muttered desperately recomposing himself, feeling like his guts were firmly lodged in his throat.

"I want you to leave my wife the fuck alone, and I want you to pay" he sneered. He grabbed Jon's chin roughly and made him look at him.

"Never" Jon managed "She doesn't want you, and fucked if I'm ever letting a crazy fucker like you near her again" he growled. His hands fisted tightly waiting for the next impact to come and it came with a concrete force kick that nailed the chair back to floor. Jon spluttered the force of the fall winding his lungs.

Jason's head came into view above him and his fists squashed into the concrete floor by the weight of his back on them. "Now listen to me Jersey boy. You have no idea who you are dealing with her. First of all, you get someone to do your own fucking dirty work for you? Does Jess know you hired goons to come and beat her husband up?" he asked popping his knuckles.

"Ex-husband. You died Jason, she left you behind man" he hissed desperate to grab a breath. Shit, how the fuck was he going to get out of this? He winced as sharp pain split through his middle.

Jason stomped his foot down beside his head "Do you want to die Jersey? Because don't even think I won't do it, I'm trained to kill. I could twist your neck in an instant and it'd be good night nurse" he yelled towering over him.

The steady drum of his heartbeat drummed in Jon’s ears. "Ok, Ok what do you want from me?" he asked. Fuck, he hated to play the game but he had no fucking choice here. For him, Jesse and his kids.

Jason pulled Jon by the collar of his shirt back up so the chair settled back on all four legs. Jon winced; the pain was starting to burn from his belly right to his fingertips. Jason pulled a chair opposite him slung it backwards and straddled it.

"I want you to leave my wife alone, so I have a chance to get back with her" he demanded.

Jon tried to laugh but managed to splutter as the tightness in his chest was closing around him like a fist. "Jason, I can't make Jesse choose you. It's not how it works, what makes you think if I was to walk away she'd actually consider getting back with you?" he asked seriously. This guy was nuts.

"She would, she loves me Jon. We were married for god's sake, she mourned my death and then what you happened to see her one night and recognise she was an easy target? Hmm rock star?" he asked.

He had no fucking idea. Where ever this guy had been, he'd been royally fucked up. His whole outlook on life was distorted. "Jason it wasn't like that" he gritted his teeth "If you know Jesse at all you know she’s no easy target. She was very reluctant to take that step away from the life she had with you". Damn him for telling him that.

Jason chuckled raking a hand through his messy chocolate hair "Oh I just bet and you laid all that rock star charm on her so she couldn't resist you right? What happened to your first wife Jon? Got bored with her?" he'd googled Jon and read about his previous marriage and all the tabloid rumours that had been splashed around.

"It's none of your business Jason. It was just over and now I'm in love with Jesse, and I'll do anything to make sure she's safe and happy. Anything" he warned.

Jason laughed "Well big words from the man in the chair tied up don't you think?"

Jon closed his eyes stamping down the urge to let him have it. But that was useless at this point if he wanted to leave with all his body parts intact. He took a deep breath and exhaled.

"Jason, don't you think you need to just let Jesse go and make her own decisions? She’s very capable of that don't you think? You really think a strong woman like her would let me walk all over her? No. I've let her make her own choices..." okay that wasn't entirely true when it came to this nutcase but that was a different story. God she should of arrested him when she had the chance.

"Of course I think she's strong. That's why I married her. Let me ask you this Jersey. Have you ever been in so much pain that the only thing that made you kept hope? Kept you alive at night was the woman you loved?"

"Well no, I haven't but Jason you've got to" he didn't get a chance to finish when Jason's elbow connected with his nose. The force flipped his head back and the crack in his neck wasn't by any means a good one.

"Well its time you learned" he said standing up and walking back over the other side of the room. Jon blinked the pain drilling up his head and the warm feeling of blood trickling down his face. Good fuck, he's really going to kill me.

The room was spinning but he fought the urge to close his eyes and give in, he couldn't. "Jason, this is not the fucking way" he said quietly. "What do you want? Money? I can help you get a new life? Anything?" Anything but Jesse.

Jason laughed "Oh you really are an asshole. Thinks the world can be bought just like that, and to think people like me, risk our lives for people like you to keep your America safe, YOUR America free, and your America yours. Well fuck you Jon. I'm not fighting for people like you, people that have no clue about what life is about. People like Jesse and me who have to spend our whole life working and fighting for what we believe in, what we know is TRUE. Not some fantasy fucking life where you can splash money around and by-pass every single freedom I've fought for. Its people like you Jon" he moved closer the darkness in his eyes slowly creeping in.

"Jason you've got it wrong, have you seen what I have been trying to do? I try and use my fame and money to help others. You’re jumping to conclusions here. Yes some celebrities are like that I can't disagree with you. But I am not like that. Do you honestly believe Jesse would agree to marry a guy like me? If you truly believe in her... that she'd marry what you just called me right there?" he asked. Jon jumped when the sound of plastic hurtling into the wall caught him off guard. The bucket that Jason had kicked across the room now spun around at the bottom of the wall. He blinked praying to god he was blinking away the pain that just didn’t want to move from his body.

Jason stood and rubbed his hands through his hair, his arms were trembling. Clearly the man wasn’t well and for the first time Jon really did worry about his safety.

“I told her to remarry, but I didn’t think she would six months after it god damn happened” he said starting to pace around the room.

“Jason. Listen to me. Just because she chose to love me, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t love you. She thought you died! Imagine what she had to do to get through that and then to find out you were actually alive?” Jon asked. The silence in the room was deafening, Jon shivered Jason’s eyes were frantically shifting from side to side erratically.

He spun around and back to Jon “Just fuck up asshole” boot once again connected with stomach hurtling Jon backwards, there was a thud as the chair hit the concrete along with the back of Jon’s skull. Jon’s last thought this time was of his fiancé and would he ever get to see her again.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Chapter Eighty–Seven

Jason sat with his knees to his chest on the couch, his whole body ached and his head pounded like a jackhammer. He tried to move but winced closing his eyes, the last hour replayed over his mind like a bad movie.

He’d been putting out the trash when someone had taken him from behind and lashed out at him, with blows to the stomach and kicks to his knees he’d doubled over on the concrete with pain reminiscent of when he was in the Prisoner of War camp. He came to a little while later sprawled on the concrete in front of his back door and hobbled inside to recover. What sick son of a bitch wanted to do this to him? Maybe someone from the Prisoner of War camp had connections here in New York and had heard he’d been released.

He lay back on the couch letting his body settle, the pain still thrumming through his body. God he needed Jesse, he missed her like crazy. She’d be here, fussing over him like she always did. He’d never admit he was feeling sick when they were married but she always had an uncanny way of knowing and looked after him. But no, rock star had made her serve him a restraining order, him her own ex fucking husband. This wasn’t his Jesse’s decision it was his, he just knew it. Jason bolted upright off the couch, his eyes wide with anger when the revelation came strong and fast.

“Nooo” His fists clenched at his sides. It made perfect sense. This was that bastard’s doing. He wanted to play hardball did he? The guy couldn’t even come and face him himself, he paid someone to do it. Fuckin coward. He had no idea who he was dealing with and wondered it Jesse knew of his little indiscretion. Jason stood shaking a little regaining composure, suck it up. So he was threatened by him? A dark smile crept on his face the more he thought about it. He saw him as a threat to Jesse. Well he’d show him who not to mess with. Oh yes he would. Time to wipe that million dollar smile right off his fucking face.


“Romeo, Jake stop it” Jon called back into the living room at his two sons over their constant bickering over the TV channel.

“He started it” Jake pouted and Romeo’s bottom lip started to tremble. Oh hell here we go, Jon raced back into the living room leaving the coffee brewing in the kitchen. It had been two days of this and already his kids had run amuck in the apartment. He scooped up Romeo in his arms and jiggled him.

“Come on Romeo, you want to be brave now and not let your big brother see you cry don’t ya?” he asked with a grin. God knows he knew enough about that growing up with two brothers. Romeo just nodded, his blue eyes threatening with tears.

“See... now that’s my boy, Jake pick up this mess please and I’ll make you guys some snacks” he said putting Romeo back down on the floor and heading to the kitchen. He checked his watch, Jesse should be home in a few minutes with Steph from shopping. He dug for his cell phone in his pocket, flipped it open and dialled her number. Ever since yesterday when Big Tony had confirmed that the job had been done by email he’d been just a little weary that Jason just might show up so he’d taken precautions.

“Hey baby” her breezy voice greeted him down the phone.

“How my two favourite girls doing?” he asked pouring himself a cup of coffee.

“Good, we’re just on our way home and I don’t want to alarm you but I think someone’s been following us” Jesse said quietly.

Jon’s head jerked up “A guy? About 6”1” he asked. He’d hired personal security and hoped that Jess wouldn’t notice since she was already dead against it.

“Well now that you say… Jon… who is he? And if you dare say he’s a bodyguard…” her tone changed from cheery to stern.

He sighed “He’s a bodyguard, I had to send him out with you both Jess, please don’t be mad” he pleaded.

“We’ll be home soon” and then there was a click and silence. She was pissed. He couldn’t blame her but he wasn’t sorry. If she knew the real reason she’d understand. Who are you kidding? She’d toast your balls if she knew the real reason.

He walked up to the second living room where Jesse was busy hammering the shit out of a game centre controller. “Everything ok in here sport? Want something to eat?” he asked popping his head in the doorway.

“Yeah thanks” he said still focused on the screen in front of him. Jon chuckled and shook his head.

“You wanna a challenge later, you’ve got a driving game in that lot?” he asked.

“Sure Dad, so I can kick your butt again?” Jesse asked with a laugh.

“We’ll see about that, I’ll be back J” he walked quickly back to the other room where Romeo was now interested in the toy cars littered all across the floor and Jake was watching the wiggles.

“Ok boys snacks coming” he headed back to the kitchen and prepared some PBJ sandwiches until the sound of the front door opened and Stephanie joined him in the kitchen arms loaded with bags.

“Have fun did we?” he asked waving the knife at all her bags “Making your father bankrupt” he teased, he’d given Jesse one of his charge cards to use for Steph.

“Jesse told me too, and FYI… you are so in trouble Dad” she grinned.

Jon’s brow lifted “Oh I am?” he asked innocently “She’ll be ok, you know me Steph one smile and they all melt” he laughed.

“Is that right?” came the voice from the doorway, Jon looked into the eyes of his fiancé with one Romeo attached to her hand. He smiled, his son seemed to be growing a little attachment to Jesse, proclaiming her last night as the best story reader ever when she read Jake and Romeo a bedtime story.

“Hey baby we didn’t need anymore little boys from the mall you know” he teased trying to keep the mood light in front of the kids.

Jesse just laughed “He’s hungry, Daddy’s not doing a good job feeding his sons” she grabbed a half of sandwich off the counter and gave it to Romeo “Here you go lil guy”

“Not little” Romeo pouted chewing on the corner of the sandwich.

“Steph, can you take your brother into the living room, I need a word with your father” she asked. She raised her own eyebrow daring Jon to say anything differently but he just nodded at Steph.

“Sure Jess” she said taking Romeo’s hand “Told you Dad”

Jon reached out his arms for her but she stood and folded her arms “A bodyguard? I told you Jon that was ridiculous…he’s not coming back; he’s got a restraining order remember? He wouldn’t be so stupid and besides... it kind of helps for me to know these things when I am out with your daughter, what if I thought it was someone after us for her?” she asked feeling her lips go tight.

Jon moved forward and rubbed his hands down her arms “I’m sorry I should have told you, that was dumb. I had to do it, I feel better knowing you’re both out there without me, protected” he said gently.

Jesse rolled her eyes “Jon, I understand that but you’ve got to tell me these things ok…?” she asked giving up the stance and easing her arms around his waist.

He nuzzled his nose into her hair breathing in her scent, vanilla and woman one he would never get sick of “I promise” he said. Apart from one thing. It was over and taken care of so as long as Jason stayed out of view so she didn’t need to know that.

She turned her head and met his lips in a soft kiss “I’m really enjoying having the kids here” she said. She’d surprised herself over the last couple of days how easily she’d fitted into the role of joint caregiver beside Jon. They were great kids and she’d spent a lot of time with Steph mainly talking about fashion. Jesse kept to himself happy to play his games or use the internet on Jon’s laptop and the little boys were adorable.

“I told you that you didn’t have anything to worry about baby… they like you... and in time will love you, its too hard not to” he whispered, his hot breath just hovering over her lips.

“Greaser” she whispered meeting the kiss finding her fingers teasing the hair at the base of his neck.

“Uh huh…” his lips shifted down the arch of her neck, god in one moment his sexual intensity could break her.

“I’d love to stay all day and do this but I need to run out and deliver those demos across to the studio, I promised I’d have them up there before Monday for production” the album was almost done and they were in the polishing stages. His mouth moved across her shoulder “I don’t want to go...” his tongue swirled out into the dip of her collarbone “but I need to go…” he looked back into her eyes and smiled “You be ok with the kids for an hour or two?” he asked grazing his thumb across her cheek.

She nodded “Sure we will, Romeo wants to show me his cars” she said excitedly.

Jon chuckled “Good, I won’t be long baby, coffee’s ready” he playfully slapped her on the ass before leaving her in the kitchen.

She heard him holler a “Bye Kids” and then he was gone.

Jon drove to the studio and parked up before walking up to the double doors, he was a little late than expected and had left Jones back outside the apartment to guard the place of anyone that managed to get past the doorman. Feeling confident that the situation was under control he strolled to the door, but instead of the shiny metal door coming up to meet him, a swift blow behind him meant it was the grey asphalt of the pavement before the world went black.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Chapter Eighty-Six

Chapter Eighty – Six

Jon spent the next thirty minutes up in his study tiding up emails, accepting and declining appointments. Finally satisfied he was at least back in some form of control he went to close his laptop but stopped midway. Jesse wasn't going lay charges, he couldn't do anything in the world to convince her. She was too much like himself at times , he grinned that’s why he loved her. When her mind was made up it was made up. She obviously felt just too strongly on this one. Jon hated it, he was trying so hard to accept it, short of sexually manipulating her further there wasn't going to be much he could do to change her mind.

Rubbing his hand against his chin he thought for a second of ringing Big Tony, a guy who he wasn't proud to know. A few years ago when Jon was receiving death threats from a crazed boyfriend of a fan, he had Big Tony deal to the situation when the police failed to give him any confidence in the situation. It wasn't his proudest moment but he had a family to protect, not just himself and now the situation called for it again.

Jon closed the door to the study and picked up his cell phone dialling the number sucking is his breath. It wasn’t until a thick Italian voice answered he let it go.

"Hello, Tony speaking"

Jon's heart hammered loudly against his ribs, no going back now. "Big Tony, it's Jon Bongiovi, long time no talk" he said staring out the window and shoving his spare hand in his jeans pocket.

"Heyyy Jonny boy, how you doin’? Keeping out of trouble?" Tony asked.

"Yeah, I'm doing fine Tony what about you?" dumb question, he worked for the mob, Tony's life never revolved around keeping out of trouble.

"You know how it goes, can't discuss that but things are on the slow at the moment, what brings you to call though Jonny boy? Having some problems?"

Jon cringed "Yeah, I have a ex-husband that's gone a little crazy on my now fiancé, who I love dearly and she wont press charges against him. I doubt my word against his is going to mean shit... so... yeah" Jon trailed off hoping Tony would read between the lines.

A raspy chuckle vibrated down the phone "I see, so you want someone to pay this guy a visit…, what are you talking? Threats? A bit of rough up?" Tony asked. Jon would never get a hit done and Big Tony knew that.

"Yeah just enough to make him leave her the hell alone, he nearly god damned raped her in the parking lot of her apartment" Jon spat, the anger still very fresh in his veins.

"Ouch, well in that case, I'll reserve a little something special for him. So consider it done, for a fee" Big Tony replied.

Jon snorted "Of course, just send me the email details of the account you want it transferred into and the amount and consider it done"

"Well interest has gone up, but I like you Jonny so we'll keep the same price as last time."

"Thanks Big Tony, I appreciate it, I'll send you the details of who he is and where he lives, and as usual this is strictly confidential" Jon said sternly. Jesse would kill him if she knew he was doing this.

"Jonny, I'm insulted! this is me Big Tones, you're money is as good as my word you know that"

Jon chuckled "I know, thank you Tony, I appreciate this. He can’t get away with this. I won't let it happen. You don't mess with my family and get off clean with a just a fucking restraining order" he said.

Tony laughed "You know Jon if you ever need a career change we could do with a guy like you" Jon knew he was kidding but had to laugh.

"I'll keep that in mind, I've got go to man but I'll be in touch"

"Ciao Jonny" Tony said and then there was silence. Jon closed his cell phone and then quickly filled out the details on the email that Tony would need. He then closed everything down and let out and took a deep breath. Slightly guilty but he was used to taking things into his own hands and if this is how it had to be so be it.

He walked back downstairs in time to see Jesse placing the cutlery on the table she'd set. She didn't look up at him, instead she went back to the kitchen and brought the two plates out and put them down without saying a word.

"Just in time huh?" he grinned walking over and planting a kiss on her temple "Looks great baby, let me pour us some wine" he said picking up the bottle of red she'd chosen and poured them both two glasses.

He shifted and slid into the chair opposite her and with his fork speared some chicken.“This tastes divine baby, we’ll keep you on” he winked.

Jesse smiled and took a sip of her wine. He was acting like nothing had happened? He’d accosted her in the kitchen, made her orgasm along with some threatening words and now just acted like it was an everyday occurrence? She wanted to throw down her fork at him but she remained calm. He just is doing what he thinks best, that’s all Jess. Just let it go. But damn she couldn’t.

“Jon about before” she began, shit she’d said it, no backing out now.

He continued eating “Mmm, What about it baby?” he asked. He didn’t even flinch for a second, she watched him continue to tuck into his dinner. He finally looked up and waved his fork around “What about it?” his steady blue gaze settled on hers.

She picked up her napkin and brought it to her lips, “I was going to let this go, I really was but where the hell do you get off doing what you just did to me in there?” she spat throwing the napkin back down on the table.

“What? You enjoyed it? Yes?” he asked continuing to eat.

She was going to blow, how could he think it was just ok? “SO sexual manipulation is one of your strong points is it? Anything else I should know about that you do when you don’t get your own way before I marry you?” she pushed back her chair and stood up, the clatter of her cutlery hitting the plate. She couldn’t stand how he was acting like nothing was wrong.

Jon bolted upright and grabbed her arm before she headed away “Jess” he said softly. He pulled her into his embrace and held her tightly, her cheek brushed against the fibres of his shirt. “I’m sorry I came across like that, I can’t help myself when I feel strongly about something and especially this” his hand stroked her hair curling a lone strand around her ear. “I don’t understand but I’ll let it go for now” Jon closed his eyes, only because I’ve dealt with it myself.

He pulled her back and cupped her chin; the twist in his heart at her gorgeous big brown eyes looking so sad hit him. “It’s only because I love you so damn much, you know that don’t you?” he asked with the pad of his thumb he caressed her cheek.

She nodded “I know Jon, it’s just...” she closed her eyes. She didn’t even know why she still felt the need to protect Jason like she was.

“It’s ok Jesse, you have the right to feel what you do, I can’t change that but god, just promise me that if anything happens. Or if he tries to see you... anything, you call the police.” He swallowed “I love you too damn much to see anything happen to you ok?” he asked. I’d never forgive myself.

She quickly nodded “I promise I will Jon. I’m sorry I know you want me to do it..."

He placed a finger against her lips “Shhh, it’s over now ok. I’m going to accept this but we’re going to be careful and we have to be extra careful around the kids ok, I told you Dot was going away didn’t I?” he asked her. With at that had been going on he couldn’t remember.

She nodded “I didn’t think it was this soon though?” she asked surprised, her mind suddenly focused on the fact she would have four children to help Jon look after.

“It’s for a week starting Saturday, she’s off to Los Angeles to catch up with an old friend who’s sick. So we get to play parents for the week” he chuckled “You will see me in FULL Dad mode” he teased pressing his lips against her nose.

She laughed and brought her hands up around his neck, the tips of her fingers teasing the hair at his nape. “Full daddy mode huh? Does Daddy get angry?” she asked, a mischievous smirk breaking out on her lips.

She felt the warmness of his body press against hers, and the soft scrape of lips down the side of her neck up to her earlobe “Daddy gets very angry” he whispered nibbling on her lobe.

Shivers racked down her body at his low husky voice teasing her. She’d still be so angry if she didn’t love him so much and knew he was only trying to protect her the way he knew how. Her lips found his in a sensual kiss, “I love you Jon”

“I love you too Jess” and that’s why I had to protect you even if you wouldn’t. You’ll understand one day. I never let things take to chance. Never.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Chapter Eighty-Five

It was a little while later that Jesse woke to a rapping sound coming from the door downstairs. She rolled her head lazily over to see Jon was nestled securely behind her, his leg was curled over her leg and his right hand still cupping her breast protectively as he slept.

“Jon” she whispered “We’ve got to get the door” her voice still a little shallow.

Sleepy Blue eyes peaked through his closed eye lids along with a small yawn and his tongue flickered out and moistened his lips. His gaze finally focused on the mussed up woman that lay in his arms before the last few hours came rushing back through his mind. “Baby it will be the police” he said planting a kiss on her forehead before shifting from her to grab his jeans and pull on his top before padding back down the stairs to the door.

Groaning at the void he’d left moving from her she slid out of bed and grabbed her clothes redressing quickly, tying her hair back up in a loose ponytail she gave herself a once over in the large mirror on the tallboy before sliding on her shoes and joining him downstairs. Time to face reality.

Jon had already let in the two policemen that towered over him into the living area. The older one with many years of experience ingrained on his face tilted his hat at her “Good evening m’am I’m Sergeant Robson, Mr Bongiovi tells us that you’d like to get a restraining order and lay an assault complaint against your ex-husband that attacked you today” the way he spoke about it like it was an every day occurrence blew her away.

She nodded and looked over at Jon “Restraining order yes, I haven’t decided on the charges” Jon’s eyes closed and his lips muttered more than likely a curse word.

“Jesse we discussed this” he said calmly recomposing himself. Jesus Christ.

“No you did. This is my decision” she turned back to the policeman “So what do I need to do for this restraining order?” she asked.

Sergeant Robson pulled the papers out of an A4 leather bound folder and placed them on the table along with a pen. “Just these and we can file it straight away” he paused before speaking again “are you sure about the charges? From what Mr Bongiovi has told us you have grounds to do this, often charges scare the attacker into backing down” he explained.

She shook her head “Not at the moment, I’m filling this in and then that’s it” she said walking over to the table leaving Jon in her wake. He lifted his hand to his face and mulled for a bit. She could make him just about crazy doing this, god if only he had seen it, then he’d lay the damn fucking charges himself as a witness.

Jesse filled out the necessary paper work and signed everything she needed to, it was done. She now had a restraining order on her ex-husband.

“Ok, well just give us a call if you want to discuss or change your mind about those charges, and if he tries anything once he’s been served the papers you call the police straight away” The sergeant instructed.

She nodded as the two policemen left. Jon had fallen strangely quiet but behind those blue eyes she just knew he was brooding. “Shall I start some dinner?” she asked trying to break the silence.

“Yeah we should eat it’s been a long day” he watched her disappear into his kitchen and poke around in the freezer which was always well stocked. He followed her and leaned against the doorframe. So many things he wanted to say but he didn’t so he just watched her decide over what he had in the freezer.

“Steak ok?” she asked not looking up. She could feel the displeasure that was in his stare already but she ignored it.

He nodded not saying much else, he was too busy sulking that he didn’t take reins and make her press the charges. She went about cutting the steak and shifting it into a greased hot pan while she prepared the vegetables.

“So Stephanie enjoyed being at my office? She seemed to have fun, she’s a great girl Jon” Jesse asked dicing the carrots and throwing them in a wok along with the broccoli and onions.

He managed a small grin “Yeah she did, couldn’t stop talking about you and George, he made an impression on her as well” Least that was one good thing, Stephanie hadn’t been able to shut up about her day, even to her mother which in turn would help Dot accept Jesse as a part of his life.

Jesse chuckled “Well he usually does my George, he’s my right hand man, just like Richie is to you” she explained. Satisfied with the dinner cooking away she reached into where she knew Jon kept the wine and chose a bottle of Merlot and grabbed two wine glasses. She knifed the cork and poured the wine.

“He seems a bit of a character” Jon commented accepting the glass from her and bringing it to his lips.

“Oh he is, he’s been there from the start with me, he has great ideas and we gel so well on the same styles of clothes, everything, even men” she teased.

Jon placed his glass on the granite surface, “how long are you going to pretend everything is ok Jess?” he asked.

Jesse looked up at him, here we go. She sighed “I knew you weren’t over this, I could see you brewing the minute the police left” she muttered. “Jon-“

“No Jess, its time for you to listen. I’m not used to seeing my family, and that includes you, making stupid mistakes when I know it can be fixed” he explained walking closer to her, he leaned forward and placed his hands on her hips, tempted to take her right now he tried to continue with his point.

“Jon” she began the smell of his cologne mixed with the fragrant basil and oregano she’d thrown into the wok as he came closer pressing his body against hers. How long was this going to go on? Until she gave in?

“Jess, please, he needs to learn to be punished for what he did, I’m so close to calling some guys I know, to go and pay him a little visit” he whispered his lips fluttering over hers.

Her eyes widened “You wouldn’t do that?” she asked horrified he’d even thought of it.

“No one fucks with my family, I told you that, and if I can’t get you to press charges against the bastard, I will take it into my own hands to ensure he’ll never hurt you again” his lips coasted down the arch of her neck.

There was something overwhelmingly sexy yet scary about the way he was talking, it was the darker side of Jon that she didn’t know existed. Her hands gripped the back of his neck, and his hands kept roaming her body, when one hand slipped up her thigh to inching towards her centre. “Jon please…”

“I will protect you” a finger slid home letting a small cry fall from her lips.

“I won’t let anyone hurt you again” a second finger slipped past the scrap of lace penetrating her, coated with her slick juices he began to pump slowly.

“God, Jon… the dinner…” she managed to get out, the sizzling of the steak beside her and the buzzing in her brain that was about to make her collapse
, god she wanted him now, her nipples hardened against the soft material of her bra, craving to be suckled by his lips. His tight groin ground up against her telling her he was ready too.

“Never” he whispered sucking on her ear lobe as the third finger slipped past the heated flesh causing her to groan. “Do you understand me?” he asked her nibbling along her slender jaw line and back around to her full lips. “Let me protect you Jess, please” he begged. The fire in his kiss consumed her.

The rocking of her body against his hand built momentum, feeling her whole start to body tighten, awakening under his spell. “Please…Jon” this time it was a plea to let her cum, not to stop. “Please” she breathed.

“That’s it baby, let it all go, you don’t want to burn dinner now do you? I’m not stopping till you do” his words still silkily dark but teasing. He went deeper and faster until her body clenched around his hand and the release ripped from her throat.

She slumped over his shoulder, panting, catching her breath back, speechless. He removed his hand from her and straightened up. “I need to make some calls, let me know when dinner is done ok?” he kissed her forehead and turned to walk away. She nodded watching him leave, what the hell just happened here? She shakily pulled herself together and went back to stirring the wok. Maybe she had made a mistake not laying the charges, just maybe.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Chapter-Eighty Four

Jon sat thinking long and hard about the day’s events, the sadness in Jesse’s eyes still burning through his mind. What the hell was he doing? Sitting out here alone when downstairs the woman he loved and cared about more in the world was trying to deal with an ex-husband that was psycho. Fuck he was an idiot sometimes. He got to his feet and bounced down the stairs to an empty living room. A small shred of panic flickered through him thinking she’d left but relief soon set in when he saw her lone figure sitting out on the balcony.

He crept over to the sliding door that was slightly ajar and watched her silently. The cool night breeze teased her long brown waves of hair that fell loosely around her shoulders. Her large brown eyes that he forever could get lost in were hidden as her eyes were closed, she was asleep. Jon could see the remains of the silvery tracks that still glistened down her cheeks against the reflection of the city lights.

He walked over and lifted her gently into his arms she stirred a little, her eyes fluttering open meeting his. “It’s ok baby, just taking you up to bed” he whispered nosing into her hair. The smell of that vanilla mixed in with woman danced across his nostrils, she was insatiable.

Her arms snaked around his neck and held on as he carried her to the bedroom. She pulled him down into her when he laid her down needing his warmth and comfort. The need to be with him, feel his touch raced through her nerves. She reached up and kissed him, his lips were always so full and softer than you expected. Drawing his bottom lip into her mouth she sucked hard eliciting a small groan from him.

His hands found the hem of her top inching it north. He laid claim on her skin with his lips, sucking and nipping across the silky skin following his hands. She groaned inwardly as he found the clasp her bra setting her breasts free and at the mercy of his mouth. Teasing circular motions around her nipple it hardened in his mouth making it easier to suckle on. Her body arched high into him, feeling her hands fist into his hair silently begging him for more.

There was to be nothing rushed about this time, this was about showing her how much he loved her, and how she deserved to be loved. Moving to the other breast his thumb scraped along her wet hard nipple he’d released from his mouth. “That’s it, let go to me Jess” he breathed over the delicate flesh. The tormented moans began to slip from her mouth as he kept the sweet torture building.

“Jon” she managed to choke out on a sob, he was driving her over the edge, she wanted more, god did she want more. She needed him to fill her up and push her all the way to the bottom of the cliff that she was teetering on but still his assault on her breasts kept her pinned to the bed.

Finally his lips offered relief, but the way his body crawled down hers indicating it was only going to be momentarily. The desire burnt bright in his blue eyes which he kept firmly on hers hitching her skirt up. She gasped when he drew a singular line down the centre of her silk g-string teasing her of what would come next.

“Please…” she wiggled to move closer to him to deter him into some urgency but he just shook his head and nosed his way along her inner thigh letting his tongue slide out to taste her still denying her of the one thing that she was fawning for.

All thoughts were long forgotten of stand-offs in parking lots and dark eyed ex-husbands when his tongue pressed past the fabric barrier and she felt the warm slick feeling of his tongue slide into her knot of nerves. She arched further into him, a sense of surrender letting him know she was his for the taking.

The rich heady taste of her made his cock twitch still tightly confided in his jeans below. He’d get his release, oh yes he would but right now it was about driving her to distraction. Her own hand was desperately reaching for him but all she could grab was hair so she gave up and reached for her breast rubbing her nipple against her palm to strengthen already the mind blowing sensation she was about to let burst through her blood.

The first release ripped violently sending shocks radiating to her toes which curled from the waves of pleasure that washed over her. Jon waited letting quivers and jolts settle before he continued.

He was going for more? Fuck. “Jon... Please...” she tugged at his hair to motion him back up to her but he ignored it. His fingers slid inside her, one, two and then three causing her breathing to become shallow and her voice start to become hoarse.

Leaning up he placed a kiss on her stomach “Soon” he offered before continuing to flex inside her reaching parts of her that he knew drove her crazy. Desperate to let the next orgasm he watched her cupping her breasts again in an effort to build the feeling faster but Jon reached up and batted away her hands. “No cheating Jesse... just let yourself give in to it…”

“I want you” she breathed thrashing her head from side to side against the pillow, sweaty strands plastered her cheeks her teeth bit down on her bottom lip concentrating on what the man she had submitted everything to he was doing. Each flick of his finger penetrated her more taking her higher till at last she was set free once again.

Her warm sticky juices flooded his hands taking great pride in the way she screamed through the room and almost flew to the ceiling from his magic. Her stilted body lay panting, desperate for air. Clutching across at the sheets bunching them under her hands, she was wrecked. Well and truly spent but why did she still crave more?

The heat of his kisses travelled all the way back up her body while taking time to treat each dent, each curve with the ruthlessness of his tongue. Her nipples were aching and raw from his touches but that didn’t stop him paying them a little flick and nibble that made her think her eyes would roll right back into her head. She was ready to go again? Christ.

At last his lips crashed on hers, hungry and swollen from all his hard work. Her hands shifted to his buckle, and with a short flick it hit the ground with a thud. Kissing him still her hands slid his jeans slowly down over the curve of his ass digging her nails in tightly.

“In me” she managed between kisses “in me now” her voice commanded the consciousness that now was stirring in his cock.

He wrestled with his clothes and soon they were all but a pool on the floor. Hovering above her he gazed over her body taking her all in, she was restless for him and god damn if he wasn’t for her. He needed her now, needed to erase all that tension and fear of the day.

She cried out slapping her hands on his shoulders when he entered her, a whirlpool of emotions flooding her. She nibbled along that rigid jaw line, licking the dip in his chin before drawing on his lips once more and he began to move in her. It was heat on heat as she met him thrust for thrust. Each raggered breath she could muster between the long hot kisses sent cries, groans and undoubtedly would be soon screams into the room.

He hissed feeling the pain soon that was soon overridden by pleasure by her nails sinking further into his skin. “Harder, I need it harder”

Sweat poured off his temples splashing onto her body like raindrops when he increased the pace. He ran his hand down the underside of her calf before lifting it across his shoulder.

“God Jon!” she cried the hysteria already at breaking point in her brain, she couldn’t take much more. She couldn’t. Jon felt her clench down around his cock and grunted before he stopped, she was ready and so was he but he need to see her, see her enjoy him. He rolled her so the coolness of the sheets hit his back and she was now riding above him.

“Let me see you cum, I need to see it” his eyes filled with a deep hunger inviting her to move.

She leaned forward taking him deeper beginning to rock, her hands splayed on his chest through the soft fur that lay there. Making sure her thumbs occasionally flicked across his rock hard nipples she closed her eyes and lost herself in the feeling of tight fist wrapped around a hard shaft beneath her.

She was a vision and a half lost in the moment above him, her hair now dishevelled her body rising in a dance, his hands gripping her hips to guide her. He bucked her with each fall of her body till the explosion gripped them screaming each others names.

His hot seed shot through her and then she tumbled, destroyed and well spent falling into the covers with him. He held her close steadying his breathing waiting to come down from the incredible high they’d both experienced.

“Good fuck” she muttered, her heart still hammering loudly against her chest.

Taking a deep breath he pulled her in close “I concur” he kissed her forehead. Sated and sleepy they both soon rested in each others arms. Jesse just managing to hear his voice before she drifted into a contented sleep.

“I’ll never let him hurt you, never”

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Chapter Eighty-Three

Jon stood defiant in the parking lot waiting for the next move. “Well come on, show your face Jason, I know you’re out there” he shouted the echo of his voice bouncing back at him.

With a lazy smirk on his face Jason stood up from where he was concealed behind a station wagon. So he wanted to play, he wanted to be the man in front of Jesse and prove himself as chief protector. Jason walked around showing himself to Jon standing a few metres from him.

Jason was much bigger than him, his tall frame shadow easily creeping over Jon. Jon didn’t care, the very sight of the man in all his smugness was enough to make Jon want to lunge at him and pound him mercilessly into to the floor.

“Keep the fuck away from Jesse, if you ever so much breathe on her again, you’ll wish that you were still locked away in the Prisoner of War Camp” the words rocketed out of him and hit Jason hard in the chest.

His fists tightened and his chest clenched Oh no he fucking just didn’t. His eyes narrowed but still holding his ground he spoke fiercely.

“What gives you the right Rock-star to come waltzing back in here like you’re better than the rest of us? Converting my Jesse to your twisted ways of the world. She’s better than that, she’s better than all of you and your fake rich buddies”

Jesse sat poised in the car, her cell-phone still clutched firmly in her hand. She should have called the police but her eyes were still firmly glued to the two man stand off that was happening right in front of her. Jason could really hurt Jon, she knew exactly what he was trained in. Her slender body was beginning to shake with fear so she couldn’t just sit there and just wait it out.

“What gives you the fucking right to overpower a woman when you know she can’t defend herself? Only a coward does that, at least have a go at someone that has a chance to defend themselves” Jon spat back. The fire in his eyes burned bright with anger. There was no backing down now.

A crooked smile spread across Jason’s twisted face “And I suppose that’s you Rock-star? Bring it on” he said shifting forward slapping his fist against his hand.

Jesse couldn’t watch anymore, in seconds had opened the car door and found herself rushing over and standing between the two men.

Jon’s eyes widened “Jesse!! Get the hell back in that car” he demanded. What the fuck was she doing?

She shook her head staring at both of the men “No, Jon don’t do this, you can’t take him, he’ll hurt you for god’s sake” she turned and looked at Jason with pleading eyes “Please Jason, just leave us alone”

Jon was enraged, was she stupid putting herself in the middle of them? It was fucking dangerous for a start. He reached out and grabbed her arm but she pulled away.

“No Jon,” she turned again facing the man she once loved.

“You’re better than this Jesse, come with me, we can get away from all this” Jason held out his hand towards her. This time the sincerity in his deep brown eyes hit her hard.

The vision tugged at her heartstrings, she didn’t want Jason but the need to break his heart she didn’t want either.

“I can’t Jason, it’s over I’m with him” she spoke softly. She felt her heart rip in two, the anguish that was fighting within Jason was so obvious in his face. ”You need some help Jason, this has been a lot to deal with” she kept her voice calm and caring. The sadness in his eyes soon disappeared and was replaced by rage.

His hands twisted and the blood began to boil, she thought he was fucking crazy now? Fuck Bon Jovi really had got to her. He took another step forward startling Jesse and grabbed her on the arm “I’m not fucking crazy, your boyfriend tell you that?” he hissed.

Jon jumped into action lunging at Jason’s arm to get it the hell off Jesse, he hit him with such a force Jason was taken off guard and fell backwards on his ass on the hard cold concrete.

“Get in the fucking car now!” Jon grabbed her arm and dragged her back to the Chevelle she was about to protest, her gaze still firmly on the man on the floor.

“Jesse?” Jason reached out for her sadly “Please don’t leave me… please…I beg you…” a broken man lay helplessly on the concrete reaching out to the one woman that he thought could save him.

“In the car Jesse” Jon gave her a hard look, all he was concentrating on right now was getting them the hell out of here. He twisted his body to help her into the car closing the door hard behind her and then rushing to the driver’s side before jerking the car into gear. With a loud screech he took off out of the parking lot to the safe confines of the road.

Jesse sat in the front seat, the shock vibrated off her body. Jon flicked his gaze across her again mentally making sure she was ok. The tension closed around his heart seeing the silver tracks slowly inch down her cheeks. “You ok?” he asked trying to dial back the anger in his voice. He reached out for a gentle touch on her knee.

She nodded the numbness she felt radiated through her body. What had just happened here? She felt so helpless, the image of Jason sprawled out on the concrete with a desperate reach firmly in her mind.

Jon sighed and pulled onto the highway in the direction of home “Jesse, you should have never put yourself in the middle of us like that, it was dangerous and quite frankly stupid” he said. He hated that she thought he couldn’t even defend himself, it had bruised his ego. It was stupid to feel like that but he couldn’t help it.

Jesse blinked and looked across at him dumbfounded “What was stupid was you wanting a standoff with a fully combat trained marine? What did you think was going to happen there?” she asked annoyed. “Did you really expect that you were going to kick his ass?” the sarcasm dripped from her voice.

“Oh so I can’t defend myself now?” he asked annoyed keeping his eyes on the road. His hands were beginning to turn white from the way he was gripping the steering wheel.

“Jon he’s a marine, you of all people should know what they are trained to do” she pointed out. He could have killed you.

Jon huffed as he didn’t reply he kept focused on the road ahead, his mind spiralling into a whirl wind of thoughts. Yes he could have killed me, but I couldn’t just let him get away with hurting you, and being anywhere near Steph. What if Jason hadn’t been interrupted when he’d tried to approach you? God. He’d be calling the police when they got home, hell yes he would be.

“You still never should have done that” he muttered. Rain began to fall splattering hard against the windscreen as he drove them to his apartment. Pulling into the underground basement he killed the engine and reached over to the backseat for her bags.

“Let’s get you inside” Jon opened the passenger door and led her into the lift. Soon they were walking into the foyer of what would become her home until they had bought their own. There was no way she was going back there alone. His touch on her lower back was gentle and reassuring even though his tone currently was not.

Jesse sunk down in the large leather couch pulling her knees up to her chest and wrapped her arms around them. She could hear Jon in the kitchen mulling around making coffee but the distinct sound of his voice meant he was on his cell-phone. What was she going to do? Jason was losing it, but again that little niggling pain inside of her still felt that ounce of guilt and sympathy for him.

Jon walked back into the room minutes later carrying two cups of coffee, he rested one down in front of Jesse and sat next to her on the couch with his own. He hated how disturbed she seemed and quiet she was.

“I’ve called the police, they’re on their way, and you’ll be signing a restraining order against him and charging him with assault” he said. In his mind there was no negotiation with this.

“I’ll sign the restraining order” she said. She didn’t want to charge him with assault but she knew she should.

Jon looked over to her, his brow arched “Jesse, listen to me. You’ll be pressing charges against him. You want him just roaming around out there? Waiting till you are alone again for his chance? I won’t have it.” Jon’s lips tightened before he spoke again “Ok I’ll hire you a bodyguard then” he said matter of factly.

A bodyguard? Was he serious? “What?! No way Jon, that’s just ridiculous” she said. She didn’t need a freaking bodyguard.

He raked his hand through his hair, feeling his patience dramatically thinning “Jesse, why do you feel sorry for him? I know he’s your ex, I’m trying to understand here where your mind is at here, because I think it’s fucking crazy to be honest” there he’d said it. He just didn’t get it, she nearly was god damned raped and her ex-husband was a madman and yet she still defended him.

“I’m so confused, I know that’s not Jason, don’t you think that hurts me? Knowing he’s obviously screwed up from his experiences, and no-one is helping him” she hated that she still felt like that but she just couldn’t abandon the guilt that was etched in her heart.

Jon left a whistle fall from his lips “Look baby I know it’s hard to see him like this, but this is not your fault and not your responsibility you’ve been nothing but nice to him since he came back. Even if you know that it’s not his normal nature, its still dangerous, do you really want to risk your life, mine and the kids?” he asked seriously.

She gasped “God no, of course I don’t Jon, God no!” Fuck this was just complicated. She loved Jon and couldn’t bear if anything happened to him or his children.

“Well that’s what you need to think about Jess, as that’s exactly what you’re doing by letting that creep run around without any discipline. So you think about that” he had to leave her to mull on her thoughts before he said something he regretted. He picked himself up with his coffee and walked out of the room up to the bedroom to sit on his balcony. To give her space, him space until the police arrived. Trying to resist the urge to fix everything he had to let her come to the decision by herself. He’d done that far too much with Dot, but this time he knew he was right.

The empty feeling hit her when he left, she almost felt cold when he disappeared up the stairs leaving her alone. She couldn’t blame him for being angry, she really couldn’t he was just trying to protect her and his family. Taking her own coffee she slipped out to the north facing balcony from the living area and sat down in the large outdoor chair propping her feet up on the ledge overlooking the city. Lost in thought as the night sky blanketed across the skyline tears of fear frustration and an overwhelming sense of loss slid down her cheeks.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Chapter Eighty-Two

Snapping his cell-phone shut, Jon finally hung up from the conference call he had been on. The little envelope on the screen flashed indicating he had a new voicemail. He quickly listened to it pulling on his charcoal woollen coat walking out the door to the car. Jesse’s brief and no nonsense message worried him. He pressed call-back and climbed into his Chevelle firing the ignition before pulling out into the New York traffic.

It rang a couple of times before she finally picked up “Hello?” she asked. The timid tone in her voice was uncharacteristic of her and made him worry.

“Jesse it’s me baby, I was going to ring to see if you felt like Chinese or Mexican takeout and then I got your message, what’s wrong?” he asked.

She took a deep breath and attempted to say it “It was Jason, he-he was here before in the parking lot” she managed to piece out trying her very best not to lose it over the phone to him. He’d only fret more.

Jon slammed on the breaks almost causing the Alfa Romeo behind him to rear end him. “He what! What did he do? Are you ok?” questions flew from his mouth faster than the thoughts that were spiralling.

“I’m ok, I’m in the house now can you just get here please?” she asked her voice cracking like thin ice. Not to sound desperate but she needed him there right now.

Jon closed his eyes “I’ll be there in five, don’t move, don’t open the door anything until you hear my voice at the door ok?” he instructed pumping the accelerator which started him moving again. Slamming the phone shut he threw it on the passenger seat and concentrated on the road. This didn’t sound good, her words stayed firmly etched in his mind along with visions of Jason all over her. His hands gripped tighter on the wheel trying to concentrate on just getting there as quickly as possible without causing an accident. I'll kill him if he's hurt her.

He finally pulled into the parking lot, grabbing his keys and cell-phone he got out of the car locking it behind him. He jammed his hands in his coat quickly shifting towards her apartment oblivious to someone watching him from a distance.

So she called the Calvary? Typical White Knight behaviour. And that stupid interfering business man wanting to play the hero. He’d almost had her, she would have changed her mind. He just needed to get her alone, or eliminate the ONE thing that was keeping them apart.

Jesse sat waiting on the couch with her cell-phone clutched firmly in her hand. She wanted to ring the police and she had no doubt that Jon would make her.

But on her ex-husband? She reached under the large oak coffee table and pulled out a leather bound photo album which contained all their wedding pictures. She slowly flipped through the many photos that described so fluently the love she used to have for this man.

“God what’s happened to you Jason?” she asked, her finger running lightly over one of the photos of him with her cutting their wedding cake. He was smiling and looking like he didn’t have a care in the world, which held a very different look in his eyes that she had seen just minutes ago.

She just about leapt out of her seat when a knock came to the door. She closed the album and made her way towards the door.

“Who’s there?” she asked cautiously praying that it was Jon.

“Jess, babe it’s me” Jon’s voice came through the wood with an edge of comfort.

She quickly unbolted the door and unlocked it opening it just a crack to see two blue eyes shining with concern back at her. She opened the door wider letting him in. He scooped her into his arms immediately, her cheek pressed against the soft wool of his coat wrapping her arms tightly around his waist.

“God, are you ok?” he asked quickly looking her over for any visible signs of damage.

“I’m fine now that you’re here” she said not wanting to let go of his arms tightly around her giving her the comfort she’d craved. She hated feeling so defenceless. Damsel in distress was never her style at all.

Finally they parted Jon holding her at arm’s length “Tell me what happened Jess” he said sweeping the door shut with his foot.

“I was just coming in and he was there, starting rambling, I was supposed to meet him after work and I never showed he came closer and pressed me against the car” she began.

Jon’s eyes widened “He did what?” he shouted almost unintentionally but the anger started to simmer from deep within his belly. She was supposed to meet him?

She nodded “He wanted to, tried to pull my top up and ...” she trailed off almost shivering the feel of him against her skin.

“He tried to rape you?” Jon said pulling out his cell phone till he felt her hand on his. He felt his gut clench at that thought, his hands all over her body touching what was no longer his.

She nodded “I think that’s where he was headed”. She jumped when he slammed his hand down on the table.

“That bastard! I will fucking kill him, you hear me?” the rage in his eyes swept through her like wildfire. She’d never seen him so angry before.

“I don’t want you to call the police Jon” she said timidly.

Jon just about doubled over from shock, was she serious? She was defending the asshole? “You can’t be serious Jess, he tried to assault you? You’re just going to let him get away with this? No fuckin’ way” he spat.

“Jon please” she said “hear me out”

He ignored her plea “How did you get inside anyway without him?” he asked looking around for any signs of a struggle.

She still had her grip on his arm, fingering the soft wool there she continued.

“Shaw, my neighbour came home and interrupted him so I was able to leave without Jason following me, he knew Jason was causing me grief I guess” she explained.

Thank fuck for Shaw. Jon pulled out of her grasp and continued to dial the police.

“And what if he hadn’t come, then what? He could of…Jesus Jess, you could have been” no he couldn’t say it. Already his mind was plotting how to get her out and the private detective and bodyguards he would be hiring from all this.

“He’s my ex-husband Jon I just feel weird calling the cops on him” she tried to explain. She pulled away finally from him and walked into the living room. Jon sighed and followed her. He was trying to be understanding but seriously how the hell could she have any sympathy for this man? If Dot had turned into a psycho he would be doing everything he could without a question unless he still….unless she still, god she still cared about him?

“You still love him?” he asked. The question came and so did the heavy silence that followed it.

Jesse spun around and saw he was dead serious. “No- god, no not like that Jon, is that what you think?” she asked. How could he think that? Again. Christ.

Jon shrugged “Well you tell me why you nearly got raped and we’re not calling the police” he challenged.

She knew he was right he should be calling the police and having a restraining order put on him but god what was stopping her. Guilt? Sympathy for his situation? Something was making her from not doing it.

“I don’t know Jon, I knew he was off when he came in to work today he was all edgy, it was my fault he came here tonight” she said closing her eyes.

Jon nearly just about fell over “He came to work today?” Jon exploded “when Stephanie was there?” he asked the anger filtering into his eyes. What the fuck was he doing at her work? His daughter was subjected to this asshole?

“And you didn’t think to tell me this when I picked her up? Fuck Jesse!” he exclaimed.

Jesse cringed at the rising volume in his voice. “Calm down, she was fine, I spoke to him at the door and didn’t let him in. That’s when I agreed to meet him after work but I didn’t turn up so I guess that’s why he came here, he was visibly pissed that I stood him up” she explained to him.

“Did he see her? Know who she was?” Jon asked, now it had gone beyond just Jesse. This changed everything.

She nodded waiting for the backlash.

He paced around the room “What if he’d gone after her? What if it had been her and not you?” he accused her grinding his teeth silently. "I would never of forgiven myself"

"Oh and you think I would?, I didn't know he was going to show up Jon I thought I had it under control, I didn’t realize what he was doing till he came back tonight, Jon please, I’m sorry”

He had to get her out of her, to his place, he wouldn’t take no for an answer now. He tried to understand her reluctance to call the police but now his daughter was involved? No fucking way.

“Get a bag, you’re coming back to my place no augments” he demanded. It was time to take control of this.

Jesse nodded, it was best not to argue with him, he was so angry with her. She walked up the stairs and pulled out her large sports bag and started to pack her clothes and personal items that she would need over the next couple of days. Tears again threatened at the corners of her eyes as she packed. How did it come to this? He was driving her out of her home, the same one that they used to share together as a blissfully married couple. Jon was so mad at her for involving Stephanie.

Jon stood tapping his foot on the ground. He was so angry, more so at the situation not Jesse. She did need to understand that his kids weren’t just ordinary kids. He had a responsibility to Dot and his children to protect them from his lifestyle. Jesse needed to know that. Once the sound of drawers opening and closing fell to a steady silence Jon treaded carefully up the stairs to find her. He knew he'd yelled at her unintentionally and probably had ended up scaring her a little.

“Jess?” he asked walking into her room where she lay on her side curled on the double bed with small sobs shaking her body. He rushed over to her and kneeled down beside the bed.

“Baby, its ok…” he hushed stroking her hair. “I’m sorry I yelled but I’m worried about my girls being in the same place as a madman” tilting her head making her eyes meet his.

She nodded “I know I didn’t tell him who Steph was but he guessed” she said quietly.

Jon’s grip tightened around the sheets “So he knows it’s my daughter?” he asked the coolness in his voice drove her crazy.

“He wants me Jon, not her, this is my entire fault” she said sadly.

“How is it your fault Jess?” he asked softly stroking her hair. God don't blame yourself Jess.

“He’s just in shock that things have changed so much from when he’s been back, it has to hurt Jon, right? How would you feel in his shoes?” she asked him.

She was really asking him to be sympathetic towards the bastard? His jaw clenched. “Jesse this is not your fault and I don’t want you feeling guilty because he’s turned into a raving nut bar” he said. “And I’m sorry I don’t feel sorry for him, but I don’t not one bit” Jon said standing up and holding out his hand for her “come on I need to get you home”.

She took his hand and he pulled her up off the bed to a standing position. He picked up her bag and led her downstairs waiting for her to lock the place up before finally leading her to his car.

Jon popped his trunk and placed her bags in there before opening the passenger door for her. The moving shadow out of the corner of his eye caught his attention. The figure darted behind another car before he realized who exactly it would be. That’s it.

“Keep this door locked no matter what ok?” he said slamming it shut. Jesse was about to ask what was going on as Jon paced across the parking lot.

“Show you face you coward less bastard, SHOW IT NOW”