Friday, July 4, 2008

Chapter Sixty Seven

She squeezed his hand tighter “It was the hardest thing to get over Jason, you know it was. But I did it, somehow I did, and it was probably because of you, but what scares me the most is, I don’t think I could handle trying to get over you too” the tears again threatened her eyes. “And I don’t want to”.

“What are you saying?” he asked his toes curling in his shoes.

“I’m saying, I don’t want this to end Jon, but you’ve got to realize I have a lot of sort out in the meantime, to be fair to Jason. Give him a chance to accept that I have moved on, and that won’t be easy. If you’re willing to accept that, and work with me through this, to know we will be together in the end, I would love that. But I want to give you the option to say no if you don’t see it as being fair to you” she said. There was so much to overcome with his parents and god knows what else. It wasn’t going to be a smooth ride at all.

He clasped both hands around hers. “Jesse, god, of course I will, anything is better than losing you, anything.” he said and it was the truth. There was no way he wanted that, but she was right this wasn’t going to easy and he wanted to be there for her any way he could.

“Are you sure this is what you really want?” he asked softly stroking his index finger along her hand. He had to make sure.

She nodded “I think so, I do” she said with a small smile. She was seventy-five percent sure in her heart this is what she wanted. The other twenty-five was more guilt and loyalty to stay with Jason. She knew she would have to be there for him while he got back on his feet and readjusted to life again.

“I’ll do anything I can Jess. But all I ask if you be honest with me, I know this can’t be easy on you but if you do change your mind…” he said.

Jesse saw the uncertainty still in his eyes “Jon I’m not going to change my mind, I want you” she said squeezing his hand tighter. They ended up finishing their breakfast and talking through a bit more about what she needed to do over the next few days. She called into work and spoke to her boss and told him what had happened, they were most understanding and told her to take the rest of the week off to sort things out. Jesse knew she wouldn’t be able to stay away that long with the success of the show, she couldnt afford to rest too much on her laurels.

They cleaned up the dishes both fighting yawns as they cleared the kitchen. Jon wrapped his arms around her waist as she stacked the dishwasher.

“I think someone needs to sleep, it’s been a long night” he whispered brushing the hair back from her neck and placing a gentle kiss.

She brought her palm up and around to stroke his cheek. “I need a shower but a nap sounds divine, someone needs to sleep off their hangover?” she teased turning around to face him. She brushed back the short cropped hair at his hairline and leaned forward to meet his lips.

He laughed “Maybe”. Jon laced his arms lower and scooped her up in his arms and walked towards the bathroom.

“Jon, I can walk’ she protested between giggles as she was placed down on the marble counter top in there. He turned on the water, and adjusted it to the right temperature before slipping each shoe off her foot making then clunk to the floor.

Jesse reached up and unbuttoned his shirt slipping it off his shoulders running her hands across his masculine curves. Their mouths met in a tangle of hot sensual kisses. He soon found her belt and unravelled it letting the red chiffon tumble to the floor. Reaching up to the dress he popped the buttons opening before pulling it away from them.

Steam enveloped them once he’d removed all their clothing. Lifting her into the shower he pressed her against the wall with care kissing her gently. All he wanted was her right now, just her. To be with her, show her that he loved her more than anything. Her hands trailing down his back to come to rest at his trim waist.

Each kiss, each touch as the hot water glided off them was one of promise, one of comfort. Jon reached and squirted some shower gel onto his palm before using circular motions to lather her body up.

“Mmm” closing her eyes and enjoying his simple touch as he washed her. His calloused fingers gentle to the touch. She soon did the same for him so they were both clean and the cares of the night had been washed away.

Stepping back into the bedroom once she was dried she watched as he slipped on pair of boxer briefs admiring his frame. She let a small sigh slip out before she had time to stop it.

He smirked as he pulled the covers back and walked to where she was standing. “Problem?” he asked pulling her in closer nuzzling the soft arch of her neck with his nose.

“Nope, I don’t have one” she teased looking up at him meeting in another sweet kiss. He leaned over and reached behind her and pulled open a draw from his mahogany tallboy.

“My t-shirts pick one, another one you can steal” he chuckled into ear lobe teasing it with his tongue.

She smiled as she pulled away and selected another Philly Soul shirt to wear before slipping it over her head and slipping into the bed next to him. The weight of the last twenty four hours rested heavily on her mind as she snuggled into his warmth and rested her cheek across the generous splattering of fur. Closing her eyes, she didn’t expect to fall asleep so soon.

He pulled her in close and tight, he was fighting the need for sleep himself especially now that his own mind had been put at ease by her words and actions. He knew the road ahead wasn’t going to be easy but he was determined to be there for her any way he could. Pulling the covers further up around him and snuggling down, he felt her breathing became steady telling him she was asleep. He let his fingertips stroke her back causing her to murmur and move in closer to him.

Jon must have drifted off eventually he was soon awoken again by the shrill of his phone on the bedside table. Reaching over he picked up the phone.

“Hello?” he asked croakily.

“Jon its Dot, were you still in bed?” she asked. It was after twelve noon but she knew her ex-husband often kept strange hours.

He rolled over leaving Jesse still sleeping soundly “Yeah it’s been a hell of a night, what’s up? Everything ok with the kids?’ he asked shifting to sit up rubbing his eyes.

“Yeah they’re fine, a little surprised but fine” Dot said. Jon noted the tone in her voice, she wasn’t happy at something.

“Not happy at what?” he asked scratching his head and yawning.

“Your engagement Jon, they had to find out through the papers, from Jesse’s launch. Jesus Jon, I thought you were on a good thing when you came to talk to them about her and then introduced her, but to not tell them you’re engaged? Your mother was the one who rang me and evidently Stephy saw it on one of those trashy news segments, thinking it was untrue as you hadn’t told her” she explained.

Jon closed his eyes and hit his head back on the wall “Shit!” with everything that had happened in the last few days he’d completely forgotten to tell his family, he was going to the morning after but things came up and then Jesse’s launch and then Jason…

“Dot I am so sorry, Shit, it’s just been a wild few days, trust me” he said. He knew his mother was going to go nuts about this, and he wasn’t looking forward to it.

Dot rolled her eyes same excuses. “Just come and do damage control…today” she said sternly and hung up the phone.

Jesus she hadn’t even given him a chance to explain for fucks sake. He hung the phone up irritably and sighed. One thing after another.


Daydreamer- said...

Oh, what a mess! And I have a feeling that Jason is really going to complicate things (and his parents probably will too!)

I'm really enjoying this!

Anonymous said...

Ohh I completely forgot about all the family stuff with Jason coming back too! This is getting good.

I agree, Jason's parents are going to try and make her stay with him, I can see it.

Anonymous said...

Ohh, the twists and turns! You always leave me wanting more!!