Saturday, July 26, 2008

Chapter Seventy Two

He kept her hands in his pinned to the ground as he raised his hips higher only to slam into her harder. The more he drove into her the more he needed her. He felt her move beneath him, and knew she wanted to move to the bedroom but it wasn’t going to happen he needed to cum and he needed to right here and right now. A loud cry left her lips and her eyes slammed shut as he felt her body tremble violently under his. In turn his own release came quickly spilling his heat deep inside her.

His body slicked with sweat slumped over hers in the briefest of moments before she managed to utter a word when her brain had settled from the orgasm that had just exploded within her. “Bed, we need a bed”.

He pulled back and brushed her sweaty strands of hair that were stuck around her face. “You’re not going anywhere” he growled letting his teeth scraping over the arch of her neck reviving the lust inside him all over again.

“God Jon, no please, we need to move…” desperate to shift them to a comfortable setting of a bed. But the storm brewing in his eyes told her that he wasn’t done. She moved to scramble from his grasp to try and make the first step towards the bedroom but his hands just moved to her wrists gripping them harder. She saw then the wildness seeping into those deep blue eyes. Her heart beat rapidly in her chest not knowing whether she should be scared or turned on, this was a side of Jon she hadn’t seen before but she liked it.

She struggled a little harder and got free from him his cock slipping out of her. She crawled up the next little amount of stairs almost stifling a giggle as she went. When she felt his hand closed around her ankle she feebly grasped at the carpet to pull her along but the threads fell short beneath her fingers.

He growled taking her down in the hallway with a thud she was again her back staring back up at him. The excitement in her eyes just spurred on his hunger, his lips falling to her breasts suckling on her pert nipple greedily. His tongue swirled around the tender skin bobbing the tight ball of flesh within his mouth. Bringing his knee across her legs he pinned her to the floor and held her hands at shoulder level.

“Jon please... god…” she sobbed. The pleasure was rocketing through her body like a freight train as she lay nailed to the floor her body having no choice but to take it.

He drilled into her harder, not relenting for a second. He'd not felt need or hunger for a woman, not this type of deep seated bone shaking need in a long time. But in this time and in this place this one woman was not only needing it she was taking it from him, plus a little more. In a surprise move when he’d let her wrists go she brought her own knee between his legs and rolled him on his back in one swift moment.

“Didn’t expect that did you” the huskiness in her voice sending little shivers over his skin. He watched her eyes cloud over with a sultry darkness that he hadn’t seen before. He grunted when she arched her body up and slammed back down on him. His eyes rolled back into his head when her walls clamped hard around his shaft.

“Can’t handle the pace Bongiovi?” she asked lacing her fingers in his bringing them up over his head. She leaned over his body still impaled by his aching cock relishing the way he filled her so completely. She let a soft groan out when her sensitive nipples scraped over the light mat of fur on his chest.

His dazzling blue eyes challenged her “Oh don’t you tease me Ms Adams, we all know how that ends” he said wryly content to let her have control for just this moment, but he’d be taking it back. There was no doubt about that.

Her teeth grazed his clavicle letting her tongue linger over his Adam’s apple before reaching the dip in his shoulder. Lifting herself again she pulled herself back up and then down hard on him eliciting a sharp hiss from his lips.

“You started this” she whispered.

Jon tipped his head back and managed a small laugh “So it’s my fault now that”- He didn’t get chance to finish his sentence when she once again dropped herself hard against his hips. “Shit” he muttered. He wriggled his hands free from her grasp desperate to touch her finally slapping them hard to her hips.

She left a soft sob out when his nails dug into the flesh, his need to control the situation was overpowering her. Bringing her lips to his she kissed him letting her tongue slide into his mouth. When his thumb moved to encircle the one spot buried within her thighs she crumbled. There was no thought into the primal sounds that escaped from her throat as he teased her and as expected she lost control in a heartbeat. Flipped on her back in a second she was once again at his mercy.

“Cheat” she managed to dryly speak. He knew her weakness and knew it well. His eyes gleamed matching the very pleased with himself look on his face as he wrapped her left leg around his hip.

“Game over Ms Adams” He forced himself deep inside her I have her once again cry out his name. Her own hands gripped his shoulders hard. “Faster. I need faster” she breathed.

He let her have it, every last inch of energy left inside him, he let go. His lips falling to any inch of available skin to taste suckle and nibble as he thrummed deep within her.

Not able to breath, not able to think she gave up all rights of herself to him when she let go her body unable to take anymore of the punishment he was dishing out to her. She screamed this time in unison with him as they both fell over the cliff together. His strong masculine frame wracked above her as he came till he fell back on top of her. She could feel the drumming of his heart against her chest as she closed her eyes. Good God how was she still alive after that.

His cheek rested on her shoulder while his body had a chance to settle from the mind blowing it had just endured. Cracking an eye open only to see the steady rise and fall of her chest he asked “Well I think I’m dead”. When he didn’t get a response he looked up, her eyes still closed and her breathing still stilted. He smiled stroking the hair that once again had become matted to her face away.

“You ok baby?” he asked her.

Was she ok? Her body ached in places that were just too delicious, her skin raw from his merciless mouth. She was just fucking fantastic.

She pulled all her strength into opening her eyes to move her neck to meet his gaze and managed a small grin “You win” she sighed and dropped her head back to the carpet panting.

He chuckled and withdrew from her body, a small wince ensuing as she wasn’t the only one having parts of her feeling tender. Pulling her up from the ground he scooped her limp body up in his arms and walked towards the bedroom. He laid her down on the bed and joined her pulling the cover high around their bodies. She instinctively rolled into his chest, assuming a position that had become second nature to and breathed in his scent, he smelt like musky sweaty male mixed into one with a hint of rich spice. She felt her lips twitch into a grin when she nestled her cheek against the comfort of his plentiful chest hair. He pulled her in close his hands rested on the small of her back pressing the rest of his body into her.

Once Jon felt her body sink into his he looked around the room something still just felt a little odd being here with her in the bed that she had shared with her husband. He had no doubt now at all she’d moved on from all that but maybe it was time to really move on literally. His apartment was so big and often empty with just him occupying it. He finally drifted to sleep listening to the gentle sighs coming off her lips knowing he had to talk to her further about this. He felt a little selfish wanting her completely away from everything she used to have with Jason. But the fact was he wanted her to just to himself minus all the reminders of her previous life.


Daydreamer- said...

WOW. That was their wildest time yet. Loved it!! Wish it would happen to me! ;)

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WOW!! Well worth the wait! Loved it!

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Great chapter!! Worth the wait, but I hope there is more soon **grin**

Rike said...

I read the story the last two days, only with a break for going to work. It is such a great story. The part as Jason was sitting in the living room - my heart beat almost stopped.
I can't wait for the next chapter.

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