Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Chapter Seventy One

Jesse decided to have a long shower and wash away the cares of the day before dressing in some low cut jeans and a t-shirt before walking downstairs to clean up the living area. She straightened the room before lighting some tea light candles and popping in her favourite U2 CD.

Sitting down at her desk she cleared her emails and sent one to work telling them she’d pop in tomorrow to sort out some things, and she’d be back after that. No point in dragging it out any longer, she just wanted to move on. She’d made her decision and now she just wanted to move on with things. She got so lost in what she was doing she got a surprise when there was a knock on the door.

She walked towards the door and swung open to the door to reveal Jon standing there with a bottle of wine in one hand and a pizza box balancing on his palm in the other.

“Special Delivery” he said with a wide grin that spread across his face. He leaned forward and pressed his lips against hers.

She placed her hands on his hips and kissed him back, “If you keep us this sort of service, you’ll earn yourself a very big tip”. Her hands slid under his sweater and around to slide up his back.

“You want me to drop these and do you right now woman? As I’m tempted” he whispered against her lips tugging on her bottom one lightly.

Her hands retreated and she led him in closing the door behind them “I have to admit I’m hungry” she said admiring his round butt in the tight jeans that he was wearing when he walked towards the kitchen.

“Oh I just bet you are hussy” he teased as he found her wine glasses and plates and served up the pizza and wine before balancing it all bringing it all back in to the living room.

Jesse pulled her knees to her chest and sat back on the couch facing him. He offered her a slice of pizza and handed her the glass of red wine. She took a long sip and a bite of her pizza “Good god this is good, not your average pizza hut is it?’ she grinned tasting the rich flavours of tomato, garlic and oregano in her mouth.

He winked “Best little pizzeria not too far from here, best kept secret I tell you”. Jon reclined back himself and kicked off his shoes before sliding his feet around her on the end of the couch.

“Any other secrets Bongiovi?” she asked teasingly bringing the wine to her lips.

“Nope, what you see is what you get Jess, you know that by now I hope” he grinned taking a large bite of his slice.

She smiled and nodded “I sure do”. They finished their meal talking about the weeks ahead; Jesse had to arrange her trip to Milan that Jon would still accompany her on, as well as Jon would be heading back into the studio to polish up the tracks they had recorded in Nashville for the upcoming album. She loved to listen to Jon talk about the album and the different flavour it would be taking this time. The songs written for the album had deeper meaning being that they encapsulated a lot of the band’s recent struggles with things in life. She learnt that it was mainly Richie as he began to tell her some of the things that happened in the past.

They ended up moving so she was lying across his lap looking upwards as his fingers lightly twisted in her hair while they talked. He just loved how they were so comfortable in each other’s company. He was going to thank god everyday for the rest of his life that he didn’t end up losing her. A crooked smile spread across his lips as he remembered the song he recorded with Jesse in mind. Both he and Richie had written it, with Richie having his father in mind, and Jon had Jesse. That was the beauty of music, that loved the most. Freedom of Interpretation.

“What’s the grin for Bongiovi?” she asked looking up at him wondering what he was thinking about behind the cool blue exterior of his eyes.

Jon’s gaze flicked over to his bag and grinned. He gently raised Jesse so she was sitting back up and didn’t say a word before rifling through his bag. He carried his demo cd’s most places these days, well just incase he needed to re-listen in a different state of mind to critique the music. He padded over to her stereo system and popped the cd into the player and with his hand beckoned her towards him.

She raised an eyebrow as she stood in front of him wondering what he was up to now. Selecting the track he wanted to play he wrapped his arms around her so they were resting just on lower back. Slow melodic music started to play, the twang of a lone guitar whistled through the room before he pressed his cheek against hers and began to sing over the instrumental music that was playing.

A long slow drive down an old dirt road
You've got your hand out the window, listenin' to the radio
That's where I wanna be
On an old park bench in the middle of December
Cold hard rain fallin, can't find no cover
That would be alright with me

Hard days, good times, blue skies, dark nights
Baby, I want you to take me, wherever you're going to
Maybe say that you'll save me, a seat next to you

Jesse tried to listen to the words as his low croon tickled her ear; his voice was amazing and so heartfelt. Something she would never get sick of hearing for the rest of her life. Once she got past the pure sex and roughness of his voice that was making her body quiver, she listened to the lyrics that promised companionship through the hard times, and no matter what life brought them he wanted to be there. And he already had. Jon had been so understand from the beginning of their whole relationship through her hesitation to move on. Never once did he push her. His support with Jason’s parents and then with Jason. Even though she knew it tested him to his very core. He remained strong, and anchored her through her storms.

Life is like a Ferris wheel spinning around
When you get to the top it's hard to look down
Just hang on we'll make it through
Save me a seat next to you

Jon sang through the verses as he swayed her in time to the slow tempo of the music. Closing his eyes he lost himself in the meaning of the words, like he did so often on stage singing straight from his heart into hers. When Richie had written the sentiments meant for his father, Jon had joined in and found Jesse’s story speaking right to him at the same time.

As the music faded out and the final words whispered from his lips she cupped his face in her hands and kissed him with all her being. Giving him everything she had. The blue eyes that opened staring back at her returned her love.

“How was that?” he whispered sliding his hands to rest on her hips.

“Amazing, wonderful…” was all she managed to get out. What words could she possibly say to match the ones that just had come from his lips? Nobody had ever made her feel as enamoured as she did now. She couldn’t respond by words but she could be actions. Her kisses to his lips became more urgent and her hands found the underside of his t-shirt. Pulling it up and over his head before backing him towards the stairs kissing over every inch of flesh she could lay her mouth on.

Jon uttered a groan as she had him at her mercy her hands sliding all over his body down to the waist of his jeans. They soon made light work of his belt ripping it off and undoing his fly. His raging hardness welcomed her hands as she caressed the part of him that most ached for her touch.

In a heartbeat she’d dropped to her knees taking his jeans with her, pulling them roughly down his thighs. When her mouth found his shaft he stumbled backwards grabbing the stair railing. “Shit Jess” he muttered.

Using short sweet flicks across his tip, her tongue began a steady rhythm for him. Licking and biting him softly, she heard the swearing under his breath. She knew she was making him feel good....she was in control and it was making her hot.

His knuckles were turning white with the force he was gripping the hand rail forcing him to enjoy the sweet mercy she offering. He wanted her, and he wanted her now. He reached to pull her up from the ground as he dragged her t-shirt up and off her body, tangled in each other’s desire they tried to attempt the stairs only to tumble at the landing. Jon fell on top of her and wrestled for her jeans, there was nothing romantic about the way he pulled them off her body. She went to protest to suggest they could make it to the bed but he wildness in his eyes told her it was going to happen right here and now. Parting her legs with his knee he drove into her blindly.

Her body arched against his as she fell back against the worn threads of the carpet below gasping for breath. “Jon…” she managed as the next round of pounding into her came on strong. There was nothing sentimental and slow about these movements, it was only desperation and need that was driving him right now.


Daydreamer- said...

That first half was beautiful and the second half was HOT!!!! Great chapter.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love this story ... anxiously awaiting the next chapter. I must say, I nearly fell off my frickin' chair when Jason returned. Almost couldn't breate ... LOL

SoulGirl said...

Aww thanks guys. :)

Sorry its taken awhile for the next installment to get up, things have been a little crazy here with my job but its coming soon. Thanks for your patience. :)