Friday, June 20, 2008

Chapter Sixty

Chapter Sixty

Jesse woke early the next morning when she became aware of the sunlight that was stretching across the bed, rolling over out of Jon’s grasp she reached up to look at the bedside clock that read 7.35am.

“Shit!” she exclaimed as she made a mad dash out of the bed and into the bathroom. It was the day of her launch and she had a huge day ahead. She had completely lost herself in the moment of last night to remember to set an alarm for this morning. She knew George would already be there hopefully armed with a very large long black.

Quickly showering and then grabbing the towel off the rack she pulled her clothes from last night back on and towel dried her hair, she’d have to catch a cab home, change and then get to work.

She paused briefly the when the diamond on her finger caught in her hair. She held it out in clear view and smiled to herself still not really believing that he’d proposed last night. What an amazing night, an amazing man, and now she was in an amazing panic. She scurried into the bedroom expecting to find Jon still asleep but he wasn’t there. Grabbing her purse she clambered down the stairs into the living room.

Jon had woken just minutes before as he’d heard the running of the shower trickle through to the bedroom. He rolled over and grinned remembering the night before, her scent still lightly on the pillow that he breathed into. God he was the luckiest man in the world right now.

He glanced at the clock realizing she’d be frantically desperate to get to work, he knew she’d done all the prep work but as a perfectionist himself he understood she needed to be there to oversee the day before the launch. He pulled himself out of bed and wrapped his terrycloth robe around his body before padding downstairs to make coffee. He called a cab to come and pick her up in ten minutes so she could head home before work. When found his brushed steel travel mug he filled it with coffee just in time to watch Jesse thunder down the stairs.

“Morning sexy, here’s one to go, cab will be outside in a few minutes” he grinned handing her the coffee.

She sighed and laughed “Star treatment now?” she graciously took the coffee and took a long sip. “God that’s good” she breathed as she took a long sip. He’d made her coffee and called her a cab, I really could get used to being this spoilt she thought her herself.

“Only the best for my girl, now what time do I need to be ready for tonight?” he asked her.

She thought for a second “How about you pick me up from my place at six? I like to get there early. Oh and its black tie, too” she said as she started to head out the door. “But call me later, only if you want, I should be in the office most of the day, except around two I have a meeting with the agency we do a mock run through of the nights proceedings, so yeah ring before two, as after that meeting I will probably be rushing home and –“she went to spin around to finish her sentence but he’d grabbed her and pressed his lips on hers.

He’d watch her babble insanely and laughed how much they actually were alike when they were focused and driven. Even for a dishevelled still half wet from the shower woman, she looked amazing. “There, now that’s better isn’t it…” he smirked as she’d calmed and stopped talking a million miles a minute.

She managed a chuckle “Sorry, I kind of get going when in this mode, you’ll learn that” she teased as she put her coffee down and wrapped her arms around his neck and met him in a touching kiss. “Just call me later” she whispered as she watched his blue eyes shining into hers.

“I will promise, now go and I’ll see you at six, I’ll get a car to drive us, I assume there’s alcohol at these things?” he asked with a grin. He’d been to a fashion launch before a fair few years ago for Versace and recalled it.

She nodded “Oh yeah plenty of it, see you then lover” she winked as she slipped from his grip and out the door. As arranged the cab was waiting there for her. After a rushed trip home to change she had made it to the office around thirty minutes later where George was pacing the room.

“Jesse!! Oh my god, where have you been girl?” he almost squeaked rushing over to her in his pinstripe suit.

“Sorry I’m late, big night, long story” she breathed as she flung her bag and things onto the desk. George snatched her hand immediately as the glint of the rock caught in the light.

“Oh my Lorddd, he didn’t!” George exclaimed excitedly staring at the large diamond noting the princess cut and intricate engravery around the band.

She smiled nodding “Yeah he did, big surprise after the show I attended last night, totally came out of left field”.

“Congratulations Doll, this is just wonderful!” George rushed to the table where he’d previously laid the Starbucks cups, handing her one he sat down opposite her desk and leaned forward his chin resting on his hands.

“I need details, everything, how he did it, what you did… tell me everything honey” he demanded. Jesse took one look at him leaning over the desk like a kid waiting for a bedtime story and laughed. She leaned back and crossed her legs and began to tell him the whole story from the song, to the dressing room proposal.

George let out a big sigh “How romantic, I can’t wait to meet him tonight, just look at you, you make me want to vomit all over again, you’re so ridiculously happy” he shook his head with a smile.

Jesse nodded as she took a sip of the latte. “That I am god... I can’t really believe it, but it just feels right, it really does. I just hope his family and his parents are ok about all this” she said out loud. She hadn’t told George too much about all that but it was now something that weighed on her mind. God, and how would Jason’s parents take all this? It was something she needed to shove out of her mind for today, as she needed to worry about the task that was at hand.

George arched a finely manicured eyebrow “His parents don’t like you?” he couldn’t even fathom why; he loved Jesse like a sister himself. She had an infectious personality and a style and class about her that not many women he knew had.

She sighed “It’s a long story George, I’ll tell you sometime, but right now we need to get a move on” she said as she shifted and picked up the clothes that they had laid out that needed to be sent to the models this afternoon.

George held up a linen dress “You know Jesse, I think some of your best work is in here, I really do” he said excitedly. He’d watched her grow over the couple of years he’d worked with her, and she really did have a talent.

They spent the next couple of hours sorting out the final combinations and making sure everything was perfect for the show.
Jesse looked through the pieces she certainly knew she felt proud of a lot of the work she had done.

She picked up one top that had a long zip down one side of the seam and her conversation that brought Jon’s easy range of clothes idea up replayed in her mind as she let a laugh slip off her lips shaking her head. She’d discarded the idea straight away, but maybe he was right, woman’s clothes did often get too complicated. She couldn’t, could she?

She looked at George who had been watching her and grinned “I have just had a great idea, and I am gonna need your help” a devilish grin creeping onto her lips.


Anonymous said...

Loving the story!!! As a seamstress i can't wait to see what her idea is!!! LOL