Sunday, June 15, 2008

Chapter Fifty Eight

Jesse was escorted backstage to where she was shown a door by the security guard that was Jon’s dressing room. Her mind was still reeling, and her cheeks still felt flush from the song, a nervous energy was rippling through her, what she could say to him. Thank you? God she was a mess, pull you together Jess she told herself as she knocked on the door.
There was no answer as she tried the door and it opened leading her into a darkened room that was illuminated by only the soft light of tea light candles that were dotted around the room.

“Jon?” she asked the seemingly empty room as she walked in and closed the door behind her.

“Right here baby” she turned and saw him, the soft glow of flame dancing off the tanned pallor of his skin, and his eyes shined through the darkness into her heart. Lord he looked amazing.

“Jon what is all this?” Jesse asked as he came closer to her and took her hands in his. She could smell his cologne along with freshly showered man; she couldn’t help think how quick he’d been.

“Jess, I know you’ve been through a lot, and we’ve both been hurt in different ways, but one thing I have learnt from meeting you, is life is too short, I know it’s only been months baby but” Jesse’s eyes widened and her heart caught her in throat as he fell to one knee, holding a small open black velvet box that bore a very generous looking diamond ring.

Good god he was proposing? This had come out of left field, yes they were close, and yes she loved him more than probably anything she had loved before… even Jason? Hell. She steadied herself as she was sure she was about to faint. His eyes held so much promise, so much love and so much safety.

“How about it Jersey Girl, will you marry me?”
Jon Bon Jovi never got nervous, even on stage at the biggest gigs he’d done Wembley, Giants, nothing was even a close comparison to the nerves that shot through his body at this moment. He tried to read her, get a hint of what was thinking, her eyes firmly on his as they slowly started to lace over with tears, then he saw it, her head motioned forward and up again. She was nodding.

“Yes” she managed to croak out as the feelings bubbled inside her threatened to hit the surface. Then she saw it, a forty something year old man, filled with the joys of life, his eyes misting over with the same emotion as hers. He shakily picked the ring out of the box and held her left hand and slid the ring onto her hand with ease. He slowly rose from the ground, never for a second taking his eyes off hers.

“Yes” she managed again before his mouth came crashing down on hers, both of them succumbing to the power in their bodies as she reached up for him, her fingers tickling the little cuffs of hair at the base of his neck. Pulling him towards her desperately to deepen the kiss and Jon equally responding taking her face between his hands. What seemed like minutes but was only seconds, when they pulled away just an inch apart, his lips just whispering across hers.

“Jesse Adams, you have just made me the damn happiest man alive” she watched as his smile broadened reaching his eyes, he lifted her in his arms and twirled her around before placing her back down on the ground. She squealed at first and then laughed as she leant into his chest holding on tightly.

She’d agreed to marry him, she don’t know what inside her said yes so quickly but it felt right, it just did. This man was truly amazing, she’s seen all the sides to him, Dad, Front man, Lover, Friend, and now he was all hers.

“I love you Jon, and what you did tonight, man. No one has ever done that for me, nothing even close.” She admitted.

“Well get used to it baby because I make you a promise of a lifetime of such surprises, my Jersey Girl” his soft hands brushing back strands of her hair. He sealed his promise with a kiss to the top of her head.

Her hands slid in beneath the warm exterior of the battered leather jacket he was wearing as she let her palms slide over the smooth contours of his back. He held her against his body as he rocked her quietly. Relief flooded his mind as he closed her eyes enjoying their closeness letting the sheer emotion of the moment set in their hearts.

She finally pulled away and met his gaze, tracing her finger around the laugh lines on his face she smiled “I love you baby” was all she could muster.

He chuckled “I love you too Jess, I always will” he took her hand and placed it to his lips.
“I hate to be a mood killer but I need to socialise with these rich people out in the after function, so what do you say we scoot on in there and have a few celebratory drinks” he suggested. He had to keep up appearances, unfortunately that came with the territory.

She nodded as she understood and followed him back out to the venue and across to the ballroom where the party was being help. As they sifted through the sea of people, Jon greeted, chatted, and introduced Jesse all the way, as his fiancé. Jesse noted the surprised looks on some of the faces, but generally they all just politely congratulated then both and made small talk about her career.

Finally spying some familiar faces in the crowd Richie and Kia came across to them, Kia wore a grin as wide as a Cheshire cat as she hung off Richie’s arm. When she saw Jesse and how closely she was holding onto Jon she shook her head and broke free from Richie’s grasp, seeing the small tears in Jesse’s eyes they both embraced, words weren’t needed to explain.

“I’m so happy for you Jesse, I really am, I thought this day would never come for you, and I’m so glad it did honey” she held her best friend before they broke as a serious scowl came across her face.

“But I’m in no way happy you’re going to beat me to isle twice now, that’s just not fair” she teased as she picked her hand up to admire the ring now gracing her finger.

“Mercy!” she exclaimed at the size of it, he’d done well, Jesus Christ it was a rock.

Jesse chortled “It’s gorgeous huh” she admired it once more not really believing it. The simplicity of the single diamond held so much more.

Jon and Richie watched with amusement as the two women discuss and analyse the ring. Richie handed Jon a beer “Well Frank, congrats man, I’m stoked for ya, you deserve this after a rough year” he clinked his own against Jon’s and pulled it towards his throat.

“Thanks Dean, yeah, I’m pretty happy I must admit” he replied watching her eyes light up as she laughed with Kia.

“How do you think your mom will take it?” Richie asked knowing that she wasn’t too fussed on the whole idea that he’d started dating again after Dot after the party the other day.

Jon cringed a little. “Yeah, kinda not looking forward to that conversation, and the kids, I mean, I know they just got to know her to, so its going to come as a shock, but its not as if we will be marrying tomorrow” Jon knew that would be a difficult conversation to have with his parents. But in the end, there was a time he had to stop worrying what everyone thought and concentrate on just what him and Jesse wanted.


Daydreamer- said...

Sigh...I never knew it was possible to be this jealous of a character in a story! LOL. Maybe Richie and Kia will be next. :)

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Smile on my face the WHOLE way thru this chapter!!