Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Chapter Sixty Two

Jesse felt her heart thundering in her chest as Jon’s hands were trying to make quick work of the dress, her only defence was to try and grab his hand as he tried to undo the snaps on the seam of the dress, his fingers entwining through the fabric reaching to pull it.

She pulled away from the fire and persistence of him to breathe “Jon, we cant here baby, it’s too risky” her mind was centred firmly on the couple of hundred people inside the event centre that if they knew what she was doing it was a huge risk to her reputation.

Jon didn’t stop the alcohol and desire clearly clouding his mind as his hands started to make light work of the dress just as it was intended, he pulled her around further so that they were concealed from any on lookers. “I can’t Jess, I can’t stop” his voice low and rich with one intent only as his lips brushed across her shoulders and back up her jaw line to meet her lips. He needed her and he needed her now. She saw his need and urgency and her fingers quickly tried to unbuckle his belt.

Her hands soon found his warm flesh nestled inside the fabric of the pants.
A wide grin spread across his face as he whispered “See I’m not the only one that doesn’t wear underwear” he teased.

“Jon you never wear it” she replied back as she took his length in her hands and began stroking down the shaft, he let a small groan out as he put his hands on the tree above her to brace himself as she set to work. She soon dropped to her knees in front of him and took in fully in her mouth, licking and teasing the tip before plunging her mouth down his length to start a slow rhythm.

“Jesus Christ” he swore as he leaned harder into the tree, his fingers scraping against the coarse bark as she continued her sweet merciless journey down him.
Groans and grunts followed as he watched her bob up and down on him, he knew he couldn’t take much more so his hands soon found her shoulders and brought her back up to him. She looked confused before he pushed her back against the tree once more and his mouth started a dance down her neck all the way to her velvety breasts. His tongue flickering over the already hard pink rosy tip and taking it into his mouth as he lovingly began to suck.

His name fell from her lips as she felt the bark graze across her back when she leaned hard against it. Her own hands stroked his hair and across his shoulders as he moved from one breast to the next paying her just as much attention there before he slid further down her body to his own knees. He hooked a long slender leg over his shoulder as he teased her entrance with the tip of his tongue.

A soft whimper made it from her throat as his tongue edged further into her, complemented with light nips and nibbles he provided her with a stimulation that was bordering on unreal. When he lifted his thumb to rub along her clit she moaned and begged him for more. How was it one man could make her feel like this?

Her heart was pounding as he soon made his way back up to her, this was crazy, if the people inside could see her now, she’d die, this wasn’t the Jesse they knew. She glanced back at the party as Jon tickled kisses across her neck and back up to her lips; he cupped her face so she was staring down the barrel of two loaded lust eyes.

“You’re thinking about getting caught aren’t you?” he whispered into the night as his body pressed closer to hers.

She nodded “Jon, if they knew I was out here doing...” she trailed off as the grin on his face suggested nothing was worth contesting. He pulled her leg across his hip and entered her quickly which made her gasp and reach for his hair.

“It’s the thrill of the moment Jesse, anyone could walk out here right now and see that I’m fucking you” his gravely words fell on her earlobe sending shivers down her body as he began to roll his hips into her.

She bit back a scream as the pleasurable feeling of him ripped through her. “Keep talking” she panted. She needed to hear more.

His eyebrow cocked and a crooked grin spread across his face as he leaned in closer, lips just grazing her neck. Well hell if she wasn’t being turned on but just his words.

“You’ll want to scream soon, the feeling with become too much baby… and you can’t you have to be very quiet, so no one can hear us…no one” sucking on her bottom lip gently he pulled away and held a finger up to his lips.
“Shhhh, only naughty girls are loud, are you naughty baby?”

She shook her head “I’m a good girl” she whispered as she wrapped her arms around his neck to brace herself as he plunged deeper into her.
“Jon!” she gasped as she held on her senses were starting to unfold and she was starting to lose control.

“So quiet, so beautiful, so naughty” he teased as his mouth found her nipples again as his thrusts grew stronger, he could feel her walls beginning to clench around his cock, his thoughts only now focused on one thing. His lips met hers in a fiery kiss as he brought her hands up to above her head resting them on the tree.

“Jon, please… god” she panted, her release was coming, here tension was rising. Again he’d made her forget, forget the fact that they were right outside just metres away from a sea of people.

“Say what you want, say what you need baby” he gasped as the words came out.

“I need you Jon, I want you…” she placed her hands on his cheeks and kissed him with all she had and all she was as her body shook under his.

His release came just as quick as he muffled his shouts in her shoulder, looking back up at her tenderly he kissed her nose and picked up the dress quickly and reassembled it on her body along with the belt.
“This is a keeper” he laughed gently against her neck breathing in her sweet musky scent.

“So you approve?” she teased as she tried to straighten herself up so she didn’t look she’d just been ravaged like a cave woman when she went back in.

“I think you might just make a lot of money with that idea baby, I know handfuls of men that would want their girls in that sort of clothing” he laughed as he brushed down his pants and re did his buttons of his shirt. Taking her arm they walked back into the party.

The rest of the night went extremely well in Jesse’s opinion her new collection had garnered interested in some top international buyers and with the trip to Milan on the horizon, it had been a major success, she leaned back in the car with a stretch and a yawn.

“Big night huh baby?” Jon asked pulling her in closer to him.

“The biggest but I think it went well don’t you?” she asked as she ran her hand down his arm that was tucked around her waist.

“I do, they loved you, I am no expert but I can see it, I’m so proud of you Jess, you deserve everything to happen for you, I know you’ve worked so hard at this, I know you have” he placed a kiss on her forehead.

“Thanks Jon, it means a lot that you are here with me, it really does” she said as she laid back into his heat.

“Anytime you need me to, I will be, I promise, this is about us now, you know that don’t you?” he asked.

She smiled “Yeah I know it is, its all us, together we’ll conquer the fashion world, and well the music world even though you’ve done not a bad job on that already” she teased.

Jon managed a soft chuckle “I cant deny that its been a hell of a ride but hopefully there are many more trips to take down that road, that you will be a part of my dear” he said as the car came to a stop outside her house he stood out and offered his hand to her once more.

Jon knew he would spend the night at her place again tonight, his mind was still heavily set on asking her to move into his apartment but he didn’t know if she would, this would mean she really would have to leave those memories behind her.

Jesse quickly walked to the front door, she frowned as she realized she’d left the living room light on as she unlocked the door and swung it opening it, and froze to the spot. Her eyes were deceiving her they had to be… no way…no freakin way.

“J-Jason?” she stuttered. There sitting on the couch as if he never left, looking a little worse for wear was her husband.

Jon whirled around as her words rang in his ears as he followed her gaze to indeed where the man from the pictures was sitting in living color on her couch.
He stood frozen to the ground just as she was, he was alive? How the hell did this happen?


Daydreamer- said...

NO WAY!! No freakin' way! Please tell me it's Jason's long lost twin or something!

PS...that sex scene was SO HOT!!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG this is sooooo good. I never even saw that coming (Jason). Jon has some competition now. Bet that's never happened before.

Anonymous said...

OMG is right! Definitely didn't see THAT coming!! Awesome job!!! Can't wait to see what's next!

lori said...

OMG what a curveball you threw in there! I never ever imagined what was in store for us here!

I knew the "Easy Access" clothing line was sure to be a hit with the men! LOL

Also, I just adore the picture of Jon at the beginning of this chapter. Yummy!

SoulGirl said...

hehe. I love that you all are so suprised, lol. Bit of a situation huh?
More is coming hopefully today, sorry just been tied up but I am itching to get it out.

Thanks always ladies. :)