Sunday, June 22, 2008

Chapter Sixty One

Jesse picked up one of the white gold hoops and pinned it into her ear, as she put the final touches on her outfit, with ten minutes to spare before Jon came to collect her. She smiled at herself in the mirror, letting her hair tumble around her shoulders in curls, as she’d just run the curling iron through them for the desired effect.

The rest of the day with George had been spent putting the final touches on things, as well as a last minute secret project. She laughed admiring herself in the mirror, at the knee high strapless black dress she was wearing, that clung to her curves, the sleek shimmer material that was held together by snaps, freaking snaps down the side seams off the dress, you couldn’t see them as they under the seam neatly so anyone who looked closer was none the wiser. She’d told Jon on the phone earlier that day she had a surprise for him but never alluded to exactly what it was.

This however meant literally the dress could be ripped right off her body. It had come about when she’d George Jon’s idea and that afternoon they had made the dress, firstly as a joke, but George actually thought that it was a great idea. She had a red chiffon belt tied around her waist that just added that flavour to the outfit and topped off with of course black pumps that showed off her long slender legs. She grinned; she couldn’t wait to tease Jon on this one. A thick chunky beaded necklace was added to her neck, and a squirt of Angel perfume and she was done.

At six o’clock there came a knock on the door, she opened the door to find Jon standing there in a black sleek suit, wide collared white shirt with a black tie. Her breath caught in her throat as he looked incredible, the suit outlining every one of his masculine curves.
“Oh my...” was all she could manage taking him all in.

On the other side of the door Jon stood breathless himself as the vision of all things beautiful came into view. His eyes wondered along her legs and up her body noting how the dress hugged all her curves perfectly, her hair, cascading over her shoulders shaping her face perfectly.

“Jess, you look incredible” he said as he leaned forward to brush his lips across hers lightly, he was scared to mess her up any further as she’d gone to a lot of effort. She was sexy, elegant, and had that air of sophistication about her that he loved so dearly.

She just nodded smiling “You don’t scrub up too bad for a rock star” she joked as he took her hand and led her out to the chauffeured car that was waiting for them.

As they were settled in the car and on their way to the convention centre where this was being held she turned to him, as he slipped his arm around her shoulders.

“So you want to know what your surprise is?” she asked in low whisper so the driver couldn’t hear them.

Jon looked down into mischievous brown eyes “Do I want to know?” he had a feeling he was going to regret asking. “Go on then…” he grinned as he squeezed her shoulder.

“This dress I’m wearing, I made this afternoon” she said softly as her fingers trailed innocently up the lapel of his dress jacket.

“Mmhmm, it’s very sexy, but I get the feeling there’s something else” he asked poised ready for her response, as his fingers drew gentle circles on her bare shoulder.

“Well Darlin, I took your suggestion the other night. And this is the first in the collection of easy to get out of clothes” the smirk she tried to hide was unsuccessful.

He raised an eyebrow and his eyes started to re-examine the dress “You didn’t” he bit back a soft laugh, you couldn’t even tell.

Jesse took one of his hands and placed it on the beginning of the seam under her arm “Pull it” she instructed, her voice low and husky. Jon did as he was told and his eyes widened when the fabric literally detached right before his eyes revealing the hint of her skin to his eyes.

“Uh huh, all the way down, and the whole thing will just come off” she whispered as her hand snaked up around to the nape of his neck “Oh and before I forget, I’m not wearing any underwear” her whisper tickled across his ear as he took a big gulp. Not even having time to respond as the car pulled up to the venue. God damn she hadn’t, she was going to kill him he was sure of it. And he had a whole night ahead to get through.

The driver opened their door and Jon climbed out before offering his hand to Jesse and helping her out of the car. His eyes couldn’t keep off the dress imagining all kinds of scenarios in his head he knew he shouldn’t be. Once they both walked inside cameras flashed and press from various fashion magazines flew questions at them, in particular Jesse, it was odd for him to be on the other foot tonight, as all he had to do was just smile and hold onto her, while she answered the questions about her line, and worked the room like a pro.

They both soon took their seats as the fashion show started. Jon watched in amazement as the show started. Different designer’s clothes were all on display until it was Jesse’s collection; he couldn’t help feel the pride swell in his chest as he took her hand and pressed it to his lips. The show went successfully and was soon over and the after party which apparently as pre warned by Jesse was the most important part of the evening, smoozing with the big guns of the fashion industry.

As soon as they entered the room Jon noticed a petit dark haired gentleman rush over to Jesse and hug her babbling about how the show went. He stood back and looked at Jon and grinned.
“You must be Jon, it’s a pleasure to meet you” Jon got the shock of his life when the man kissed his cheek. “I’m George” he said proudly.

“Pleased to meet you” Jon said graciously, he watched as George and Jesse got lost in their own little world babbling excitedly before George flicked a grin at Jon and then back at Jesse with a question of some sort. When Jesse nodded George peeled with laughter.

He rolled his eyes and took Jesse’s hand “Why do I get the impression I’m been talked about” he teased.

Jesse looked up “Sorry baby George helped me make the dress” she smiled. Jon felt his cheek slightly flush as George placed his arm on his.

“We really could use someone like you on the team Jon, you come up with great ideas I hear” he winked before making an excuse to mingle. Jon felt his cheeks burn as he watched George disappear into that crowd.

“He’s um, high octane” Jon commented with a grin.

“He is, he’s my backbone that man, like Richie’s yours, I couldn’t do half the things I manage without him” she explained as she sipped her champagne as they weaved through the crowds.

Jon nodded knowing exactly what she meant as it was true with Richie and him “We’re lucky to have people like that, people who compliment our style”. They continued to socialize, as the night went on and Jon’s mind became more clouded with alcohol, he couldn’t keep his mind off that dress. She really had done it, god damn she was liable to kill him before he was fifty.

Once she had finished talking with some potential buyers from Milan, Jesse was on cloud nine, the show had been a success more than she’d anticipated and she had garnered a lot of overseas buyer interest which is what she was aiming for. When they suggested that she come and spend a week in Milan to discuss it further she just about hit the floor. She looked back to the floor where Jon was talking George.

“Hey you” she said wrapping her arms around his waist. Jon didn’t have a chance to respond as George wanted to know the details.

“What did Keenan and Grace say?” he asked excitedly.

She stood up and grinned broadly “They want me to go to Milan for a week and discuss it, while staying in their Italian Villa”.

Jon closed his eyes as George shrieked and couldn’t help but laugh, he turned to move Jesse to his side “That’s fantastic news baby, just fantastic” he beamed pulling her in for a kiss.

“You have to come with me, I’ve never been there and I know you have a couple of times” she said wanting Jon to be a part of this with her.

“Of course I can, schedule pending, but I would love to be there” his lips nuzzled into her neck. She smelt so sweet and alluring tonight, it was driving him insane.

“Awe look at you two” George said again before bouncing off somewhere else.

“Let’s go for a walk” Jon suggested leading her outside past the partygoers into the small secluded courtyard. He had one goal in mind and he wasn’t letting go of in a hurry.

She struggled to keep up with him, as he pulled her to the far side where no one seemed to be around, pushing her gently up against the tree his lips hovered over her ear, his warm breath hot on her skin.

‘It’s time to test the dress” his voice low and sultry sent shivers through to her very core as his hands began to run up her thigh.


Daydreamer- said...

HEY -- no fair leaving us hanging when Jon has her pressed up against a tree! :)
All I can say is, she's going to make a fortune with that clothing line. LOL!