Saturday, June 7, 2008

Chapter Fifty Three

Jesse made it all of about five metres when she felt rough hands grab her around the waist, she lost her balance as he pulled her to the ground, the gentle waves just inching at their feet.

“Jon” she squealed as her body hit the coarse sand along with his own, with a gruff oomph he swivelled himself so he was lying on top on her and the water just biting at their heels each wave that came up moved an inch higher along the shore. His knee parted her own legs and his lips descended on her own, tasting the salty remnants of the sea breeze, his tongue trailing along her bottom lip and pushing softly in her mouth. A soft moan escaped her lips and her hands slid around his broad shoulders to come to rest on the back of his neck.

Plundering further into her mouth, lovingly skimming his tongue along hers, he continued to kiss her deep into the sand as he felt her fingers tease the little wisps of hair at the base of his neck.
His appreciative hum caught in his throat as he left her mouth and blazed hot kisses down her chin, tilting her head back she exposed her neck to him as he hungrily licked and teased down the slender arch.

“Jess” he mumbled into her sweet scented skin not thinking about anything else in his mind except this moment and this woman that seemingly completed everything he had left to complete.

She arched her back off the sand as she dug her heels deep into the sand, not caring how sandy or wet they would soon become, that was the thing far from her own mind right now. She closed her eyes, the feeling of the soft breeze whipping her face, his kisses brazened on her skin and the lapping salty water at her feet had her reeling into almost certain submission, one of her legs wrapped around his hip as she pulled his mouth back up to hers and lavished her own brand of kiss on him.

“God damn woman, you have no idea what you do…” his deep husky drawl vibrated on her now taut lips. Her soft brown gaze met his warm blue one as they continued to share the simple intimacy they both had come to love and cherish till Jesse’s light chuckle vibrated against his throat.

Jon pulled away slightly amused watching her with interest “now what possibly could be so funny Ms Adams?” his eyes dancing waiting for her response.

“I have a confession” she said as she reached up swept his hair from his brow.

“Do go on” he prompted.

“This so reminds me of that video your band did... Living in Sin?” she had spent the time he was away curious of the rest of the bands history watching You Tube videos, and remembered the day she came across Living in Sin, at her desk at work, sitting there biting her lip watching the whole thing, she had to restrain herself from jumping on the next plane to go back to him and fucking his brains out. The beach scene played clearly in her mind as she imagined at time it was her and him on that beach in the video.

Jon chortled softly against her chin “Turn you on did it?” he teased her flicking her chin with his tongue. She‘d told him about looking on the net at their older stuff in their talks, and like everyone else laughed and teased him about his rock star hair.

She bit her lip down at the memory of her fantasy “Uh huh”. A sneaky grin slid onto her lips as she rolled him in one quick motion so she was now lying on top of him, a slight splash as they hit the sand again, as the water was now nipping their knees, soaking their denim.

She scanned the beach and soon realized they were still very much alone, grinning she began to undo his shirt, exposing his ripped tanned chest, splaying her hands into the soft fur that welcomed her touch she licked down his Adam’s apple and down the crease of his chest to bless his nipples with her tongue. With a swirling teasing motion she played havoc on him as he began to moan and squirm underneath her, his hands coasting up her back pulling her own top off her body, leaving her in a black lacy bra hovering above him.

His hands greedily grabbed at her breasts wanting immediate access to them as he released the clasp that was keeping him from them.
“Much better” he grinned proudly.
His large hands swept over them cupping them with gentle caresses as his calloused thumbs brushed her nipples causing her to throw her head back and moan. God he knew what he was doing to every degree, it should have been illegal to feel this good.

“I need you baby...” his hands laid their guilty pleasure on her skin.
Jesse knew there was no backing down now; the hardness that lay against her thigh was an indication of this, as the warm sea water started to lap around thier waists.

She leaned down across his body pressing her breasts down onto his chest, meeting his lips in a tender kiss. A smile broke across his face as he leaned in against her ear and in a shallow whisper he purred.

So baby, can you tell me just where we fit in
I call it love they call it living in sin

She quivered at the words that were masked with the vibrations made her neck goose. His fingertips trickled across her exposed back.

I don't know where to begin
I don't know where we fit in…. Living in sin…

His sultry croon sent shivers that raced through her body causing her heart to pound. “Jesus… you’re trying to kill me aren’t you” she gasped.

“Either that or drown ya” a soft chuckle ripped from his throat as he pulled them both up, both of then bedraggled with water and clothing that was sticking uncomfortably to them, as the sea was rising further around them.

She wrapped her legs around his waist as he cradled her against his body, as she fiddled loosely and freed his enlarged member feeling the hot flesh burn in her hands.

“Fuck Jessss” a hiss filled her ear as she slid out of her own jeans to slide right on him taking in every inch.

“Now, I need you now” she breathed. He watched her stunned brown eyes and sand infested hair that stuck around her face desperately seeking his consent as she rocked forward. God dammit, if she wasn’t amazing already.

His grip cradled her tighter as his hips rolled forward to set the motions, as the waves crashed against her back; he crashed into her guiding her towards the coveted release they both desired.

“Jon…” a whimper escaped her lips as her grip tightened around his neck as her mouth pressed against his. Both of their bodies hot and heavy embedded in the sand, just focusing on one thing alone, each other.


Daydreamer- said...

WOW. I think I need to go take a cold shower right about now! Just the thought of Jon's lips against my ear, saying the lyrics to that song...oh, it's too much. Nice job!

Anonymous said...

WOW is right! Speechless right now.. awesome job!