Friday, June 13, 2008

Chapter Fifty Six

Monday soon dawned upon them both; Jesse was back sitting at her desk going through the pieces that she needed in the fall release for Wednesday night, and Jon had gone to start numerous meetings and preparations for the concert tomorrow night that was being held in New York. Bon Jovi was headlining a few acts for a concert to raise money for Habitat for Humanity, a charity that him and Richie both supported, so when the question came for them to perform there was no hesitation.

Her head felt like it was going to explode, it had tight and heavy all day, she knew her escapade on the beach the day before had probably caught herself a cold, just as she ripped out a sneeze her assistant George came in.

“Whoa, honey, look at you all red and puffier than Cher after her last plastic surgery” he commented as he scurried into the room and handed her the box of tissues from the far end of her desk. She took one and blew her nose.

“Thanks George, stupid cold, just when I don’t need to get one” she cursed throwing the used tissues in the trash. Serves me right she thought, Sex on the beach, what am I now a hussy? She laughed out loud to herself.

George raised his eyebrow and perched on the corner on her desk as he rifled through the clothes she had chosen for the companies launch.
“Okay honey, spill” he teased, the grin on his face teased her.

“Spill what?” she asked innocently. She never usually discussed her private life at work and certainly hadn’t since Jason had died.

“Oh come on, you’ve been delirious for weeks, I can tell these things you know, you’re in loveeee” he teased. It was about time as well, as talented and gorgeous as Jesse was she certainly had been well overdue for some happiness in her life.

She blushed “Ok, got me, you’ve probably heard that I’m dating again” knowing that the people in her office could never keep quiet about anything.

“Oh I have heard, and who...” he laughed. Jesse cringed as he wiggled his eyebrows.

“Really? Are people being nice? Or awful” she asked, she never really cared what her co workers thought of her, she more interested in how her work fared more than anything. She sat back and twirled her hair in her pen.

“They’re just jealous, he is cute after all” George said as he laid the pieces out on the chair in her office.

She sniffled a little as she caught a sneeze “Well he’s a very good man; you’ll meet him Wednesday night, as I’m bringing him along.” She hoped people behaved themselves especially when this was one of the biggest nights of the year and potential buyers would be scouring the talent.

“I look forward to it, it’s about time Jesse darling, I mean it” George smiled as he straightened his jet black Armani suit and flicked his hair aside that always was styled just to cover his left eye, but Jesse never knew why as he always spent most of the day brushing it aside.

She laughed and was grateful in his confidence and support as the both continued to sort out all they needed to for Wednesday, after he’d brought them fresh coffee in around two, the phone rang in her office. George leaned over and picked it up.
“Ms Adam’s office” he said shrewdly.

He smiled as his voice changed “Why yes Jon, she’s right here let me just put you through” he winked at Jesse as he handed the phone to her and took away the coffee cups.

She shook her head at the gestures he made leaving the room as she placed the handset to her ear.
“Hey you” she croaked as her voice broke.

“Hey yourself, god you sound awful, are you ok babe?” his voice full of concern.

“Gee thanks, I’m fine just a –“a sneeze ripped through her as she sighed and sank back into her chair, her head feeling hazy. “Just a cold, I think” she looked around her office and lowered her voice as she propped her feet on the desk “I’m thinking it’s my karma for being a beach hussy” she chuckled.

Jon snorted lightly “Aw Jess, you poor thing. You should go home and rest, I need you in top shape for tomorrow night, you and Kia have a big night ahead, and then we have your launch on Wednesday”.

“I know! George and I have sorted most of the things I need to do for Wednesday and there is still tomorrow so I guess I could head home” she pondered.

“I’ve got a few more things to do uptown but how about I bring you over some Chicken soup or something tonight, I can’t have you sick for tomorrow you know”” his voice held that teasing tone, where Jesse could imagine exactly the type of smirk that accompanied it, the type that curled the corner of his lips.

“Jon you don’t have to do that, I know you’re busy, but that would be nice” she sneezed again and quickly wiped her nose. “God, damn ok, soup would be great” she admitted.

“Good now go home” he teased as they both hung up. Jon leaned back in the chair he was in stretching in, hoping she was going be ok. The plans for the concert had been coming along nicely. His gaze flicked back to Richie who was walking back to the table with two beers, they’d decided to have a drink after the organizing had been done.

“Here you go Frank” he said shifting the cool bottle in Jon’s direction.

“Cheers Dean” Jon took a long pull from the drink before speaking.

“I’m asking Jesse to marry me” Jon simply said. Richie’s eyebrows winged to his hairline.

“Seriously? Shit, I mean I know you’re crazy about her but marriage so soon, after everything that happened with Dot?” Richie asked. He had to admit that he liked Jesse a hell of lot more than Dot, she was different, and he could see Jon loved her deeply.

“I know its soon, but hell, we’ve both done this before you know, its not like we don’t know what we’re in for, life’s too short man...” his mind wondered off to Jason, life was too short, and there wasn’t any way he was risking standing around with Jesse just waiting for life to happen.

Richie nodded; he knew the serious determined look in his best friend’s gaze too well by now, his mind was made up.
“Well fuck, that’s great news, you know I love her, and I know you do, but do you think she’s ready, after all she’s been through” Richie asked just hoping he wasn’t setting himself up for a fall.

Jon nodded “I know Dean; I think she might be hesitant, but honestly I think she’s ready to move on, well I hope so” She had to be.

“And what about the kids, and your mom?” Richie chuckled having heard all about the party.

“Yeah, I know mom probably won’t be too impressed but she will deal, she has to” Jon nodded. He knew that Steph would be probably be ok, and the other kids would grow to her in time, he needed also to give Dot the respect to tell her as well. As for his mom, well he knew she wasn’t fond that he’s certainly moved on from his life with Dot but he’d deal with all she could dish him.

“Well, Frank, you know I’ll support whatever you do, you’ve done the same for me for so long, so congratulations, its sure as shit good to see you so happy again” he laughed as they clinked their drinks.

“Thanks man, there is something I do need your help with, and its about tomorrow night, I have a little plan” he smiled, he’d been thinking about this all week, and tomorrow was the perfect time to do this. He discussed the idea with Richie.

“Shit, I love it, that’s perfect Frank, you know and that can be arranged very easily, we’ll work on it, and get the others involved” Richie confirmed.

“Thanks Rich, I just want it to be perfect it’s all she deserves” Jon grinned, he was really going to do this, fuck. He had a feeling she would kill him for the surprise element, but it had to be done, he just hoped in the end she’d say yes as honestly now. He couldn’t see his life without her.

Richie checked his cell phone and smirked at obviously a message he’s received.

“Kia I presume?” Jon mused watching Richie punch something back into his phone.

Richie’s eyebrows wiggled “Uh huh, she’s just being naughty, you know how much I like naughty” he teased.

“Oh god, yes I do man. So you like her a lot?” Jon asked watching Richie’s face grin to what he was replying back.

“I sure do, she’s got this fire about her, she’s hilarious, and but she’s sweet as well, and now that I mention it she’s good in”

Jon held up his hand in protest “Hey now, I don’t need to know those things, we’re not 25 anymore bro” Jon laughed and rolled his eyes, something’s never changed, and one of those things was King and his women.

“Right I’ve got to go, shopping to do” Jon winked as he stood up and pulled his leather jacket back on and slipped on his sunglasses. Richie followed him uptown where Jon ended up choosing a solitaire diamond for Jesse, set on a white gold band, it was perfect. He just had to confirm the ring size now, and Richie had been entrusted with that task with Kia. As he sat back in his car and sighed watching the New York whizzing past. His lips twitched with a smile, This was it, this was well and truly it.


Daydreamer- said...

Oooh, I'm getting excited to find out how the proposal is going to go down! Poor Jesse with her beach-sex induced cold, LOL! And I could completely picture George with his annoying haircut. That hairstyle is so popular right now and I always wonder why anyone would want their hair hanging directly into their eyes like that!
Keep up the great work...