Thursday, June 5, 2008

Chapter Fifty One

As the kids all flooded their grandma and grandpa, each vying for a hug and a kiss, and a special word or two from them, they soon settled back into the party as more kids Steph’s age started to arrive.

“Jon, so good to see you” Carol said hugging her son, her eyes falling on the woman that was standing to his right, taking in her ever inch.
Jesse could feel herself been looked over as if with a fine tooth comb. The woman managed a small crooked smile at her.

“You must be Jesse” she said in a tone you didn’t know whether it was good or it was bad.

“Yes that’s me, pleased to meet you Mrs Bongiovi” she said offering her hand out. Carol looked down at the hand and turned to her husband and raised her eyebrow.

“This is Jesse, John, Jon’s… friend” her voice cold and sharp not offering any recognition of her hand gesture.

Jon watched the scene and rolled his eyes.
“Ma, she’s my girlfriend, and Jess, these delightful people are my parents, Carol and John” he said slipping his arm around her waist and pressing a kiss to the side of her head.

“Well as I said before, it’s nice to meet you both, you have a very adorable son” Jesse smiled. John chuckled.

“I don’t know about adorable but he has his moments, don’t ya boy” John Bongiovi teased nudging him in the side.

Jon shook his head “Just like you Pop” he jested as the two men met in an agreeable laughter.
Jesse couldn’t still help but feel uncomfortable with the way Carol was watching her and no doubt making her own assumptions of her, the new woman on the scene, she knew it could never be easier for her to see him with someone new, but she’d have to learn to deal with it, as Jesse wasn’t letting anyone else get in the way of their relationship.

Jon was soon screamed at by his youngest son Romeo to come and play and it had to be now of course, he quickly excused himself and turned to his mother mouthing ‘Be nice’ as he walked over to where his son was burying himself in a sea of colored blocks.

Carol watched Jon leave and didn’t wait one moment “So you and my son. What’s going on? Just a little fun?” Carol asked.

Jesse managed a small laugh “Wow, you waste no time there. We’re seeing each other, yes that part would be correct, and I like to think it’s more than a little fun” she refused to tell her that they loved and had had deeper feelings for each other.

Carol had a bemused look on her face; she knew her son had always not coped on his own, this time he’d picked a goody, strong confident beautiful woman, just like his ex wife, Carol thought ruefully. Her gaze fell on her ex daughter in law who she pretty much still treated like she was her own, she’d never understood why they broke up.

“Have you been married before Jesse?” she asked as she sipped her iced tea, watching the woman with interest.

Jesse shook her head but bit her lip “Yeah I have, he died seven odd months ago, he was a marine” she added not caring whether she sounded like she was looking for sympathy or not.

Carol raised her eyebrow, now that she didn’t expect. “I see, I’m sorry to hear that, I don’t know if you know John and I are both ex marines” her voice settled down from the haughty tone it previously was as she looked again at the woman.

Jesse managed a small smile “Yes he’s mentioned that, look Carol I’m sorry if you don’t approve of Jon and I, I can understand its hard to see him with someone else when he’s so used to being in this space right here, but if you care about him like I think you do, you’ll leave him be” her voice low but serious. She almost winced at her slip, what the hell was she doing talking to her boyfriend’s mother like this? It had all just come out. She walked away from Carole and across the room to where Jon was.

Carole watched her leave and walk over to where her son and grandson were, cocking an eyebrow, well, so she had fire in her, she had to at least give her credit for that. She was Jon’s type for sure, just not the right one in Carol’s personal opinion.

Jon looked up at her and smiled, from his cross legged, block inundated position on the floor with Romeo, as he became aware of his mother’s wary gaze that had followed her.
“Everything ok?” he asked her as he lifted himself back up from the ground.

She smiled not wanting to cause anything uncomfortable and took his hand. “Everything’s fine, honey, I think your daughter wants her present” she said motioning to where Stephanie was rifling through the bag Jon had brought in.

“Looking for something?” he teased taking Jess over to where she was by her hand.

“Just looking Dad” she said innocently as she pulled away from the bag knowing full well she was sprung.

“Go ahead baby, it’s all yours, happy birthday” he said leaning over to give her a kiss as he watched his eldest daughter unwrap her gifts, squealing at the ipod accessories and then watching the look on her face when she opened the parcel that contained the clothes that Jesse had made.

Her eyes widened as she picked up the soft leather jacket and the jeans and top “How did you get so good at finding clothes I actually like?” she breathed in awe inspecting them and then looking over at Jesse.

“You made these didn’t you?” she asked excitedly as she slipped the jacket on, she knew Jesse’s work and signature style on the embroider touches on some of the pieces she’d seen in the magazines.

“I did, your Dad told me you were a fashion buff, and as you and I both now, the number one rule is uniqueness, so there ya go, I hope you like them” she watched her admire the clothes and couldn’t help but feel a small sense of completion.

She put them down and turned to Jesse and hugged her tightly “They are just perfect, exactly what I wear... I knew Dad wouldn’t have picked those, these are just so cool” she giggled. Jesse laughed and hugged the girl back, feeling so at ease with her already, which was welcoming in a room that still held the odd icy stare.

“Hey, I’m not that bad Stephy!” he looked offended shaking his head. ‘Girls’ he thought.

“You’re right, I like your shirt Dad, is that new?” she asked as she brushed the embroidered pattern with her finger on his shoulder. Jon laughed and directed his glance at Jesse.

“Guilty, another one of mine” Jess teased.

“We’re keeping her on, don’t let her go Dad” Steph confirmed going back to the clothes. Jon saw the relieved look on Jesse’s face, and mouthed a “Told ya so” throwing her a comforting wink.

Dot soon came over and looked at the presents that Jon had got her “Spoilt again I see” a small smile played on her lips as she lifted the ipod accessories up.

“Now I am guilty, but I’m allowed as she’s my only daughter” he replied watching Dot pick up the pieces.

“Wow these are fantastic, did you make these?” she asked Jess impressed at the quality and chic style of the clothes.

“Yip, they would be mine” she confirmed.

“Well thank you, Stephanie will be over the moon, she nuts about having things that no one else does when it comes to her clothes” she looked at Jon who had bent down and was talking to Jakey.

“I hope that Jon paid you well for these”, Jesse almost bit back a retort till she realized Dot had a playful smirk on her lips. She was still on edge after Carol’s comments.

“Yeah well…” she blushed a little. Dot could see a lot of thought had been put into her present for Stephanie, she just had to be the big adult here and not let her little jealously pang get the best of her. She leant in closer to Jesse and whispered.

“Just a little tip, don’t let him win that way, if he can’t talk you around... He’ll use that... It’s his secret weapon; I probably don’t need to tell you that”.

Jesse bit back a laugh “Oh I know” she paused before continuing not being able to help herself. “Is ok, I know how to get him back for stuff like that" she left it at that thinking back to the Nashville incident with a small smile. Dot just laughed.

Jon stood back up rubbing down his jeans “What are you two talking about?” he asked raising an eyebrow.

“I was just warning Jess here, how persuasive you can be, but it seems that she doesn’t need to worry” she winked as she excused herself walking back to the party.

“Do tell?” he asked as he leaned in and kissed her gently on the lips, drawing her closer into his arms, his tongue just lightly brushing the outline of her lips.
She relaxed and her hands snaked around his waist and settled on his lower back.

“I don’t think so” she whispered as she stared back into those sea blue eyes that eased her soul so much.

Carol watched on from the other side of the room as Dot came and cleared away some glasses.
“What do you think?” she asked Dot. Dot followed her gaze to Jon and Jess sharing an intimate moment and shook her head in disgust.

“She’s fine Carol, I wouldn’t worry, I get a good vibe from her” Dot said honestly, her kids had warmed to her very quick and it seemed so had Jon.

“Her husbands a dead marine, makes me wonder if she’s after anything” Carol pondered.

Dot snickered “You’re just paranoid, she’s a fashion designer and you know she would have compensation from him dying, so she’s not going to be short of a dollar, he likes her a lot, I can tell”. Carol was always so protective of her son, even when they had first dated back in the day, they didn’t like each other at first until they came to a mutual understanding that they both were vested in Jon’s interests, Dot had been so supportive of his career the whole way through, she just wondered how Jesse would take to the very difficult world that Jon was involved in, as that took a strong willed woman, for sure.

“Still. I don’t like it, I don’t know why, but I am going to be very weary of her” Carol confirmed before her grandson’s called for her attention.


Daydreamer- said...

Good stuff! I was surprised that it was Carol and not Dot that had a problem with Jesse! Although it does seem like Dot was surprised by her feelings of jealousy.
I just started writing a story of my own - it's still very new but if you wouldn't mind giving me some constructive criticism I'd be very grateful.
Thanks! (you can access my blog by clicking my user name). Also, I linked to your story from my site - please let me know if you want me to remove the link for any reason.