Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Chapter Fifty Nine

Chapter Fifty Nine

Jon looked down at his watch and noted it was late, long gone were the days where he stayed out all night; he appreciated his bed too much now. Finishing the last conversations with the people he needed to maintain networks with, he scanned the scattering of people that were left in the room when his eyes fell on her.

He watched with an amused smile that played on his lips as she was deep in conversation with Tico and David, Tico was obviously talking about golf as he was doing the actions with his arms, and to her credit she didn’t look like she was about to fall asleep like he usually did when Tico started. He made his way over to her sneaking up behind her and snaking his arms around her waist.

She jumped in surprise as she looked over her shoulder to the michevious gleam he held in his eyes. “Now that’s not nice” she teased as she relaxed into his grip. He nuzzled his nose across the arch of her neck.

“I really want to go home” he whispered in a manner that sent a shiver across her body.

David raised his eyebrow at Jon; he’d known Jon long enough to know what the look he was giving his fiancĂ© meant. “Go on then, get out of her before you make us all sick” he laughed watching Jon start to nibble her neck. Jesse’s blush hit a slight shade of red.

“We just might do that” Jon confirmed as they went to find Richie and Kia and say goodnight. Soon they were arriving safely in the foyer of his apartment. Keys hit table with a clunk and bags and jackets fell to the ground with a thud as he took her in one full scoop and carried her into the apartment and towards the bedroom.

“Jon! I can walk” she teased as yet again he was carrying her as they began to ascend the spiral staircase. His lips replied with no words, just a hint of a smirk was itching at the corners of his mouth, and his eyes remained fixed on hers, with the slight telltale of what was to come.

He laid her down on the bed and lifted her heels off her feet and placed them on the floor with care. His movements were slow and deliberate as he leaned over her on the bed, no words again came as he let his lips fall gently onto hers, teasing her lower lip with his bottom teeth.

She felt her breath catch in her throat as the intensity and slow precision he was using was starting to make her ache. Her hands glided over his shoulders and around to the base of his neck to pull him in making the kiss deeper. She let a soft whimper slip from her throat that vibrated onto his lips. She found the top buttons with ease and worked on them as she slid his shirt half of his shoulders.

Her touch on his skin was enough to almost send him home, he groaned as her hands slithered across the tight muscles in his back. He dipped his head down and nestled his nose across the side of her neck taking in the smooth vanilla scent.

Jon ran his hands down her shoulders, shifting the straps of her dress to fall loosely around her shoulders as he followed them with warm kisses on her skin. He felt her move her leg up and lock around his waist, with his right hand he moved up her leg and onto her thigh just to rest there as they continued to kiss and get lost in what was them.

Her hands splayed across his chest and her thumbs reached out to skim over the tight pink nubs that were nestled in the light sprinkling of fur on his chest which earned her a growl from deep within his throat. His blue eyes remained heavily fixed on hers as she trailed her fingers down further to reach his belt buckle. She hooked her thumbs around inside the waist band of his pants pulling him closer to her, she needed him, and god would she ever not? She hoped not.

Finally she moved her hands inwards and unbuckled his belt and pants pushing them down his hips to reveal the lower toned body that she was only privy to see. She traced a finger down the left side of his V all the way till she settled on his hard shaft that was waiting below. She cupped her hands around the soft skin of his sac letting her finger tips dig in a little.

There was something away the way this woman touched him, he wanted desperately to give up this game of wits and slow love making and drill her into the bed screaming, but the pay off was worth waiting for he decided.
“Jess” he moaned. The first words he’d managed in over twenty minutes of this sweet torture. When her hand shifted to wrap herself around his length he felt his will weakening.

“God Jess, please” he begged as he needed to be against her flesh, too many layers of clothing separated him from the need he so heavily desired.
Shifting her dress he struggled to lift it off her body. The frown on his face made her laugh.

“It has a zip at the back baby” she said as she sat up and he fumbled around till he found the zip and pulled it down.

A knowing smile coasted onto his lips “Tell me why woman’s clothes need to have so many hooks and zips, you need to start designing clothes that need to be able to come off in one go in the moment”

Jesse giggled “Oh right, just for guys, so they can rip them right off woman’s bodies? That what you want?” watching him nod at her suggestion, and then lift the unzipped garment off her body.

“Perfect, you can call it Easy Access, the first sexing a hurry collection from Jesse Adams” his eyes wondered over her body, noting the very lacy see through bra, that needed to go.

Jesse snorted “You so did not just suggest that, Easy Access? Good lord” she let a laugh rip from her throat as she just could imagine what the fashion world would think of that.

“You most welcome, since I thought of this wonderful idea, I want a cut of the profit” he grinned wiggling his eyebrows.

She swatted him lightly with her hand “Stop it, you’re crazy” she grabbed onto his hands as she rolled him over to the other side of the bed with a giggle settling herself nicely straddled across his hips.

“Now you just listen here Mr Bongiovi” she said trying to keep a serious look on her face without much success. He’d moved his hands to snake around her waist and clasped his hands together so they rested on her lower back and now held her tightly in position.

He watched her trying to keep a straight face and laughed, her once styled and neat hairstyle of the night was now becoming a tousle of waves around her cheeks. She was a vision, that was for sure, her face was already flushed and her pink lips already swollen on a night that promised more. And she was his.

The laughter and teases soon died down and the passion that was ignited moments ago seeped slowly back in. Jesse leaned down and whispered across his lips.
“Let me love you, like you always love me” she shifted down slightly and pulled his pants further down. He stayed silent and nodded slipping her scrap of black lace off her body. She lifted herself onto him and let him slide deep into her. “God Jon” she muttered

She arched back when his hands found her breasts and caressed them with his calloused fingers. Not happy with the level of access he pulled her towards him so his mouth could find access to her taut nipples as he licked and sucked them between his teeth tenderly.

Her breathing began to hitch in her throat as the sensation ripped across her body, his thumb found her nub between her thighs that was still resting against his cock without any motions. Flicking the tight skin he felt her jolt above him, and her cries began to grow louder.

“Jesse, please” his controlling nature was beginning to ooze back in; he needed to take back the reins on the situation. In one quick tumble he had her on her back again.

She gulped when he slammed into her gripping her wrists on the bed at shoulder level. He began to roll his hips and seated himself further inside her. His mouth just inches away from her as he continued his drive demanding more from her body.

“Jon... God... more... please...” she whimpered as she watched the fire in his eyes burn right into hers keeping the emotion raw and unbounded between them. She closed her eyes as she concentrated on the places he was hitting and the pleasure that began to build between them.

Strangled Sobs filled the room as both of their releases came leaving them both breathless holding clinging to each other. Jon pulled the covers up around them as the thought of sleep soon played on their minds after a long day. He rolled and curled himself around her back holding her left hand, his finger lightly skimming around the band of her engagement ring.

She felt his contented sigh tickle her shoulder as she reached up and stroked his hair before snuggling further down into the covers. When she felt him play with her ring she smiled and closed her eyes. This was bliss. Pure unadulterated Bliss.


Lori said...

A clothing line called "Easy Access!" OMG too funny. I can see in my mind all the men looking for it at the store! LOL! I am really enjoying this story! Keep the chapters coming!

Daydreamer- said...

Whew!! Is it hot in here, or is it just me?
I have to tell you, your story is really making my husband get lucky quite often lately. LOL!

SoulGirl said...

Thanks ladies :), I love these comments, LOL Lori, I can totally picture it too.

And your welcome Daydreamer, LOL. Glad to be of service ;)

More soon, promise.