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Just a quick note - One hundred? Yikes... never thought I'd see it this far. So thank you so much for YOU the readers making it possible and keeping me motivated, you truly have no idea how much it means to me :) so Enjoy!

Jesse cranked the handbrake on and killed the ignition. She leaned back pressing into the headrest and sighed. She was back. Time to go and face him. She'd been in completely a different world driving home and that was obvious when she'd nearly rear ended a Volvo. As much as she wanted to be angry, yell and scream at him she knew she'd just have to hear him out.

Locking the car and adjusting her coat she found her way back to the double doors of the apartment, she jammed her key in the door and opened it walking through to the living area. Jon was lying asleep on the couch, alone. Carol must have gone as there was no sign of anyone.

She stood for a few seconds, just watching him, his hand was strewn across his belly and his head turned to face her. His eyes still closed, with the stray tuffs of cinnamon framing his face. He looked so peaceful, and harmless. Not like the rough mob man she was painting in her head.

She placed her keys and purse down on the table quietly and thought about making some coffee and organizing some dinner when a small groan came from the couch.
His eyes were cracking open as he saw her he went to sit up.


"Hey, just stay there Hun... I'm just going to get some coffee and I'll be right back." She walked to the couch and pressed her hand against his shoulder when he ignored her. "Just stay. I'm not going anywhere k?" she said softly.

He nodded, his eyes still full of sleep "Ok"

He watched her walk to the kitchen, thank god she was home. That was a good sign right? He'd get time to explain why he did it and what an idiot he was. And pray like hell she'd forgive him.

Jesse made two cups of coffee took a deep breath walking slowly back into the living area. She placed them both down carefully on the table. Jon was still lying with his feet up on the arm of the couch.

"I'm glad your back Jess" he said running his fingers down her arm as she perched herself on the side of the couch. "You are back aren't you?" he asked his eyes fixing on hers and the creases in his forehead deepening.

She nodded "Of course I'm back". The bruising around his face was still a shadow of what had been. She dragged her finger down his cheek slowly. "This could of all been avoided Jon" she said quietly.

Her brown sad eyes hit him hard. Of course it could have been avoided but he was ok right? A few bruises, a cracked rib. It would all heal. "I'm sorry Jess, I made a terrible mistake not telling you" he wrapped his fingers around hers and brought her hand to his lips.

She blinked away the tears that pricked at the corners of her eyes and nodded. "I don't know if I'm angrier that you did it, or more angry you know how to do it? The mob Jon? I mean hell?" the crack in her voice escaped.

He pulled himself up slowly with no protest from her. "Come here" he said patting the space beside him on the couch.

She nodded sliding into it beside him. His arm pulled her close pushing her cheek into his shoulder. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the heavy smell of soap mixed in with male wishing that it was just this without all the complications. It could be.

If she let it.

His fingers ran down her arm as she curled into him and came to rest at the small of her back. He kissed the top of her head and buried his nose into her hair. Always silky and smelled like the jasmine shampoo she used. He felt her settle against him with a soft moan.

He brushed away her hair as his lips connected with her ear "Jesse, I did it to protect you… I can't lose you…ever…the very thought of it has me twisting on the inside" his teeth nibbled on the lobe tugging on in gently. "You're mine to protect"

Tilting back her head, her neck exposed to him he trailed kisses down the arch of her. "Mine" he breathed again.

How did he do this to her? His warm touch that took almost everything away. Every time. No, she couldn't let it happen again. She snapped her head up and pushed him away slowly.

"Not till we've talked" her eyes fell to his lips. Maybe just one kiss….. She leaned forward and let him press his against hers. His tongue lifted under her upper lip before plunging right in. Her hands slid up his neck and into his hair grabbing and wanting.

The moan that left her mouth vibrated into his as his hand hooked under her shirt and up across her skin. If she didn't stop it shortly she knew it wouldn't at all. She'd missed him, missed his heat so much.

Her lips left his and kissed along his jaw, disappearing down his neck scraping her teeth across his Adam's apple. The growl in his throat vibrated against her mouth as she fingered the opening of his shirt desperate to feel the warmth against his skin.

"Jess….." it came out more like a hiss as he pulled her top right off over her head.

His lips found hers again, hungrier this time he lost his hands in her hair as the taste of her consumed him.

Her heart raced against her chest, she had to stop him. "Jon" she managed between a kisses "we need to talk….." her skin was aching for his touch, it had been too long.

"I need you Jess…. "He slid his lips down across her shoulder nosing the strap of her bra off. "Talk…." The kisses burned her skin lower over the soft curve of her breast. "Later…."

Her hands knotted through his hair tugging as the tip of his tongue circled the tip of her breast. "Shit" she muttered as the pleasure began to wash away anything else.
His mouth scooped her nipple right in and sucked gently as she fell back against the cushions.

The smell and taste of her skin was driving him wild. It had been too long, god he'd missed this. This is what kept the hope and determination alive when he was held by Jason.

This moment right here.

He tugged the other half of the bra down to pop her breasts free of the lace. One hand clutched the small of her back as he drank from her. His movements were slow and deliberate and kept the pain at bay as he changed to her other breast, nipping and teasing his way to her orgasm.

"I need you" was all she could manage. His hot mouth was destroying her piece by piece. He laid her right down before shrugging out of his shirt and reaching for her jeans tugging them down her legs.

He devoured her belly up his mouth searching, biting its way up over her ribs. He wanted every part of her.

The room was blurring in front of her eyes as he licked, bit and sucked his way over her torso and back up over her breasts. Teeth scraped up her neck before he swallowed her breath.

Her arms wound around smoothing over the blades in his back before she gripped his skin. He'd found the center of her. Her breathing hitched as his fingers slid under the scrap of lace and teased down her slit before sliding in.

"Oh god" she cried arching her body off the couch into his. Her world became focused on just one thing. Him. The way his chin dragged across her skin and the way his hands brushed against her knowing how to kill her. Oh god had she missed this.

He bit down on her bottom lip and smiled into the kiss as his fingers pumped her spiraling any thoughts of being gentle and slow far from his mind. His cock was thrumming and desperate to be inside her.

She reached down and found the heavy buckle of his jeans un-threading his belt between the hot kisses he was still lathing on her. The belt hit the floor with a clunk as she found his zip springing his cock right into her hands.

Massaging him slowly she circled her thumb around the tip and stroked along the shaft with her fingers.

"Fuck" he mumbled onto her lips thrusting downwards giving her more access to her hands. Her touch was something he'd missed. People often argued sex was sex. But with Jesse, god was it different. She knew exactly what buttons to push. His eyes crossed as the pad of thumb pressed against his sac gently.

"Fuck I've missed you" he growled knowing he wouldn't take the torture much longer.

"Me too" she kissed his nose as he shook out of his jeans.

"Are you ok?" she asked still wary he was very much bruised.

He didn't even answer her as he lifted his leg up over his shoulder as he pushed forward sliding right into her. He braced himself over her with his hands sinking into the couch on either side of her as he continued to drill.

She closed her eyes as he took her to their place. The one where no one could touch them. There were no ex-husbands and no stupid arguments there. Just them.

Her hands splayed across his back as she reached up nipping at his chin, urging for more. She searched and he gave. Rolling her hips into her deeper he groaned. The tightness he felt right there nearly had him. This woman did things to him without even trying.

"Jon" she moaned, feeling her body start to tremble and her arms shake as she held onto him.

The overwhelming desire to plunge into her and complete them both was there but he held back just easing in and taking his time. His head dipped and his lips slid down her neck reaching her breast as he nipped and took while his movements continued.

Her mouth desperate to find his again as her tongue plunged in. “More, I need more” she pleaded as her hips pressed back in time with his.

He shifted her scooping his hands under her shoulders pulling her in closer “Jess, I’ve missed you so much” his mouth scraped across her jaw till he pressed a kiss at her forehead. His movements quickened, the sweat sliding between both of their bodies as he was reaching his point.

“” her breath caught in her throat as she tightened around him, the lust and passion towards him almost becoming too much to handle. The air around them was growing thick with their moisture and the sounds of skin to skin slapping echoed through the room.

He looked down at her, sweat beading down her temples and her cheeks flushed with their sex. Her dark hair strewn across the cushions as he pressed his body closer into hers. He groaned feeling her hard nipples against his chest. “Christ”.

“Oh god Jon.... Jon....” her body began to shake under him as she gave it to it all.

The explosion of light blinded her eyes as she cried out, her toes curling into the upholstery of the couch.

His balls clenched and he followed suit spilling deep into her, the throaty shout leaving his mouth. “Yes...” Her eyes locked with his as they both rode through it.

It had been too long. Far too long.

He swept back the hair from her face, plastered there by sweat and pressed his lips on hers. “God, I love you”

She fluttered her eyes and ran her hands down his arms as she kissed him back. “Ditto” she was exhausted. Thoughts of talking had long passed. All she wanted to do was curl up and sleep.

“Bed?” he asked “We’ll have a late dinner...I haven’t finished with you yet” his lopsided boyish grin made her laugh.

“Bed” she agreed.


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