Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Jesse stepped out of the shower and tucked the towel around her before piling her hair on the top of her head and slapping some moisturizer on her face. They'd been home a few hours. Jon had taken up residence on the couch, watched a movie, read a book and checked his emails. So far so good for the patient.

She fastened her watched to her wrist, it was just about dinner time and she needed to get on with it. Dot was bringing the kids around for a short visit after dinner. The phone shrilled through the apartment it had gone nearly nonstop since Jon had been home. Jon must have picked it up as it stopped ringing by the time she'd flown through to the bedroom to answer it. She pulled on her jeans and a tight v-neck before padding out to the living area. She raised an eyebrow at the empty couch and looked around.

"Jon?" she asked. The only reply she got was a curse and a thud from the kitchen.

She rolled her eyes and made her way to the kitchen and stood with her arms crossed at the sight.

"What are you doing?"

Jon looked up with half of the coffee pot the lid on the ground beside him which he couldn't bend down and collect from the tenderness still in his ribs.

"Making coffee?" he asked with a sheepish grin.

Jesse scooped the lid up off the ground "You shouldn't be, go and sit back down" she said sternly struggling to keep the small grin sliding on her lips. She wanted to be mad but hell, it was him.

"It's just coffee, not rocket science Jess" he said, here it comes. Those damn big blue puppy dog eyes that she had to ignore for the next few weeks.

"Sit down and I'll make you a coffee, who was on the phone?" she asked seeing the cordless lying on the bench beside where he was the standing.

"The police, they just wanted to let us know, Jason's prelim hearing in on Friday, I'll call my lawyer tomorrow to arrange our case" he nodded as he scuffed slowly from the kitchen.

She nodded "Ok sounds good, are they still holding him downtown?" she asked.

Jon reached behind his head and scratched his neck "He's out on bail. Seems his parents have paid it, he's staying with them." He hoped she wouldn't freak out too much. Jon wasn't exactly thrilled about the prospect that he was out but he had security at the apartment and would arrange if Jesse went out she would have someone with her at all times.

"Ok" she said quietly. She grabbed the canister of coffee and scooped some into the filter.

"Hey, he won't get near us ok" Jon said coming up behind her and wrapping his arms around her carefully. "You're not leaving my sight and you're my personal nurse remember?" his nose nuzzled into the line of her neck. The familiar scent of Vanilla and honey was fresh off her.

"I know. I wish I had a chance to ask him why he did this Jon" she said clicking the machine into place and slotting the pot on the element. She just wanted to know why he did this, what the hell had gone so wrong? Had the real Jason lost out completely?

"Because he's fuckin crazy. That's why Jess. You don't need to worry about him anymore. I know deep down you still do. I get that. But seriously did he worry about you? He wanted to hurt me to get to you? That's not love Jess, that's mad delusional behaviour you understand that right?" he asked kissing her neck gently.

"Of course I do Jon, it doesn't make it any easier to accept but you're right" she conceded. She grasped his hands around her middle and squeezed them.

"Good, now bring me my coffee woman" he teased before releasing her and going back to the couch.

Jesse chuckled and reached for two mugs. Jon was right. But why did this little thing inside her niggle away? Did she need closure? Did she need to tell him that he was dead to her and she'd never forgive him for what he did and almost did? Maybe she did need to just let it go.

She carried them back through carefully placing them down on the table in front of him before sitting on the couch next to him and pulling her knees up to her chest. She rested the cup on her knees and watched him.

"What?" he asked curiously. Sometimes he couldn't believe that he had been lucky enough to meet Jess so soon after Dot. The way they were so comfortable with each other now, he knew that he was meant to be with her for the rest of his life. It surprised him but really one thing that the incident with Jason had made him realize is he didn't want to be without her. Ever.

"Nothing, just looking" she teased sipping her coffee "and deciding what I want for dinner. What do you feel like?"

He leaned back, wincing a little as he stretched "I don't mind baby, make just order take out, that way you don't have to leave the couch and can stay here right with me" he said with a sloppy grin.

"Yeah you'd like that wouldn't you? Does sound tempting though. Maybe I'll order Chinese" she said reaching over for the other phone. "Then we'll be done before the kids get here"

He reached over and trailed a finger up her jeans to her knee "Maybe even time for something else" he grinned.

She snorted "Like we'd even be able to do that… you'll be in too much pain darling" she said hitting the speed dial for the takeout place. She ordered the usual what Jon and her had and then hung up.

"Aw now come on we can at least try" he said tugging her by the end over to him. She moved and slid in beside him reaching up to kiss him on the lips.

"I've missed you Jess" he said letting her rest against his body, his hands rode down her v-neck and his fingers inched up the hem.

"You know I've missed you too but Jon, come on you'll injure yourself" her breath warm on his mouth.

"What do you think I am? Acrobatic?" he laughed, his palms were heavy against her skin. Just being with her, close to her was driving him all kinds of freakin crazy again. His cock twitched in his pants. Thank fuck that's not broken.

She fell into him, moaning when his hands brushed against the lace on the underside of her breast. His thumb scraped out and over her nipple.

"Say no to me Jess, I'll pull away if you can say no" his eyes danced with a delicious darkness that she knew well. He had her. Damn it.

She wrapped her hand around his neck, teasing the loose locks at his nape with her fingers drawing him closer, she needed more. She wanted more. He was back. Her Jon just as he was. He still smelled like deep spice and tasted like rich coffee. "Jon" she breathed, trying not to give in but it was a lost cause.

"See what you do to me?" he asked pulling her hand down to his tight denim. She cupped him lightly forcing the moan from his mouth to vibrate in her own. She wasn't really sure what to do next, she couldn't push him down on his back… and he couldn't push forward.

She pulled away "Jon, we can't do this, you're going to get hurt" he didn't release his grip under her breast.

"Do I look like I'm in pain Jess?" he asked letting his mouth slide down her neck. She inhaled sharply and clutched his head with her hand, letting her fingers splay through his cinnamon hair.

"No" she managed as the warm breath on her neck made he tingle right down to her toes.

"Do I look like I want to stop?" he whispered shifting his attention back up her neck, across her chin resting finally at her lips. He tugged her full bottom lip into his mouth dragging his teeth across it.

She was one second away from reaching for his fly when the buzz of the door brought them back to life. She glanced at her watch; it was too early for Dot.

"Dammit" he swore.

"Who would have got past security?" she asked slipping off the couch. Only Jon's family had been given clearance, or Richie and Kia.

"I don't know but they deserve to be maimed" he grumbled.

"What?" Jesse laughed raising her brow back at him swinging open the door. Men.

Carol Bongiovi was standing there clutching her handbag under her arm dressed in her white Versace pant-suit. She managed a crinkled smile "Hi Jesse, how's the patient doing?"

"As expected, a little restless after only six hours of being home" she said motioning for her to come in.

"Mom? What are you doing here?" Jon asked. Sometimes he wondered how it was his family had impeccable timing.

"What? Can't a Mom come and see her son unannounced?" she teased giving him a kiss and sitting down next to him.

"Tea?" Jesse called already half way to the kitchen.

"That would be wonderful, thank you" she said crossing her legs "So how are you? Jesse taking good care of you?" she asked.

Jon smiled "What sort of question is that?"

“I’m pleased to hear it, you’re looking much better than yesterday, Matt and Tony send their love. They’ll try to ring tonight”

“Thanks Ma, god what a nightmare. Let’s just hope the nutcase is locked away for a long time” Jon said leaning back closing his eyes.

Carol looked towards the kitchen “You know that this could have been all avoided if she’d laid charges in the first place”

Jon rolled his eyes, trust his mother. “Yes Mom, and Jesse is well aware of that. This is not her fault. Jason was obviously highly strung” and I didn’t make it any better by setting Big Tony onto him.

“Well I’m sorry Jon it’s true. This all could have been avoided and you wouldn’t be sitting here looking like an advertising campaign for violent crime” she said.

“Mom” Jon warned, Christ this was the last thing Jesse needed to hear right now. But it was his mother never one to hold back her opinion. “Jesse isn’t the one to blame here. If anything it’s me, I’m to blame”

Carol raised an eyebrow at him “How the hell so? I know you like fixing things Jon but that is a ridiculous thing to even suggest” she said.

He was never going to get any peace this way, and damn if he’d have her think that Jesse was to blame here. “I set some guys onto Jason a week or so back. I tried to make this all go away the wrong way, that’s how I tried to fix it Mom, so you can stop blaming her”

Carol was about to answer when a clunk came from the other side of the room and Jesse stood with her jaw wide open and her eyes wide “What?” she asked dumbfounded.

Oh shit.


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Thursday, November 6, 2008


Two days later Jesse was locking up the apartment to go and pick Jon up from hospital. He was coming home today earlier, on strict instructions to take it easy for a couple of weeks. She knew for the man that could never keep still, this was going to be a task and a half for her. Dot and Carol had arrived and surprisingly been supportive to her and grateful that she was there for the kids when it had happened. She’d left them to take the kids to see Jon and now the kids were back living at home.

She’s scooped her keys and cell into her purse when the rap at the door stirred her from her thoughts. She shrugged into her woollen coat and unlinked the door. To her surprise Dot was standing there clutching her handbag under her shoulder.

“Hi Jesse” she smiled.

“Hi Dot, I wasn’t expecting you. I was just on my way to collect Jon” she said checking her watch. She still had plenty of time.

“I know, I’ve just dropped the kids off at school and was in the area and thought I’d pop in. “I won’t stay, you’ll be wanting to get to see Jon there was just something I wanted to say. That has to be said”

Jesse stood back on her heels “Sure, what is it?” she asked cautiously not being able to read the serious look that was so often on the woman’s face.

“I just wanted to say, thank you for what you did for the kids, when this all happened. They haven’t stopped talking about you and both and Carol are so grateful someone like you was around when this happened. Especially for my younger boys, they’ve never had to deal with this sort of thing happening to their father before” she explained rubbing her thumb over her leather arm strap.

Jesse relaxed her shoulders “God, don’t be silly. I was glad whatever I could do got them through it. I was in so much shock myself I had to put them first, I realized that”.

Dot nodded and then smiled. “I know, it can’t have been easy for you. I’m not going to pry but is that whole business with your ex, taken care of?”

The question wasn’t callous, more like the question a concerned mother would ask to be aware of all the risks to her children. Jesse quickly nodded “He’s in custody and Jon’s laid charges against him and so have I. He won’t be getting out anytime soon I can’t imagine. He’s a sick man” she added.

“That’s good to hear, and for what it’s worth I’m sorry you had to go through it all. And if you and Jon need anything in the next few weeks, just let me know. The kids will be busting to see him every moment they can, but I’ll keep visits restricted so he can rest.”

She laughed imagining already Romeo and Jake all over poor Jon. “It’s ok Dot, he’ll want to see his kids. I know he will and I won’t stop that. Hopefully if anything, things like that will keep his mind off anything work related, as he has to rest” She knew it was a tall order for him. But she’d try and help anyway that she could.

Dot snorted “Good luck to you honey. I’ve known the man for years and never once succeeded without coming into nearly blows with him”

Jesse motioned for her to walk with her out, closing the door behind them she pressed the lift button. “God I know, he’s going to drive me insane. Men are bad enough at being patients but Jon? Well he’s a special breed all by himself right?” she turned to ask her.

“Uh huh, you can say that again. Just don’t give in. He’ll push you and he’ll probably want to make you pull your hair out. But just remember, he’s just no good doing nothing. Never has been. Not even as a young man” they both walked into the lift and waited for the doors to close.

“I’ll remember that” she was looking forward to having him home though. Somewhere she knew he was safe. It still hadn’t been determined what would happen to Jason. She’d not seen him. She’d given some thought to going and see him, call it stupid but she needed some form of closure on the subject. She no longer loved him and after what he did to Jon she couldn’t care all that much for him. But there was something still tugging on those heart strings inside of her for him.

Once out in the lobby she turned to Dot “Thanks for coming Dot, I’m glad you did. And get the kids to call tonight. He’d love to hear from them. If you want to bring them over that’s ok too, Anytime. I mean that” she said reaching out and touching her arm.

Dot smiled “You know, when we first met something deep inside me wanted me to hate you. Not because of that fact you’d moved on with Jon. It was the way he looks at you. He never in the whole time we were together, looked at me like he looks at you Jesse.”

Jesse was taken a back; did she really just say that? “Well thank you Dot. I’m sure it’s just different though. People could say the same thing about Jason. I think that when its love second time around it’s different because you appreciate it more. Knowing how much it hurt to lose it the first time.”

Dot nodded “I think you’re right. He loves you Jess, and I still care about him so do me a favour and look after him”

Jesse grinned “I know that, and I love him. More than he probably knows”

“Take care Jess, we’ll talk later. Give my love to Jon” and with that she was gone.

Jesse couldn’t help but let the smile break over her face. She knew it took a lot for a woman like Dot to openly admit that. Everything was going to be ok. She rubbed her finger around her ring and sighed. She would do anything to make sure Jon recovered and got the rest he needed. Anything. She’d already arranged for the two weeks off work. She’d be working from home keeping in the habit of emails and phone calls, working on pieces in between. But she was confident George could take care of things for her at the office sufficiently.

The drive uptown to the hospital was quick and soon she was clicking her heels along the bland corridors happy to know she wouldn’t be coming back here for what would hopefully be a long time.

She tapped her knuckles against the door before striding in. Jon was sitting up, dressed with his legs hanging over the bed. “Hey gorgeous” she gave him a gentle kiss on the forehead. Rubbing her thumb lightly down his cheek she whispered. “You’re looking a lot better” some of the bruising had already started to go down. He still looked like Jake and Romeo had attacked him with a red and purple marker set but it was am improvement.

“Hey Jess, I’m feeling so much better and can I tell you I’m so fuckin’ glad I’m going home” he leaned forward and stroked her lips with his tongue before kissing her. He pulled her by the waist in close to him in-between his legs as the kiss deepened.

“I know you are baby, hospitals are the pits and I’m so glad you’re coming home too. Time for me to dust off that nurse’s outfit” she said with a gleam in her eye. His eyebrow quirked and the smirk set against his lips.

“You have one on those?” he asked gliding his hands down to cup her ass through the denim of her jeans before he slipped his hands in her back pockets.

“I’m not telling. You’ll just have to wait and see” she winked “And be a good boy”

He rolled his eyes and laughed “I’m always good”

“Sure you are” she hooked her thumbs inside the collar of his v-neck feeling the soft cashmere on her skin. One last kiss and she pulled away “So are you all ready to go?” she asked.

“Yep – I’ve been given the all clear. Have to come back in a week for a check up but I’m more than read to go” he attempted to shift off the bed but she stopped him.

“Let’s get you a wheelchair”

“Hell no, I can manage” he tried to push against her hands on his shoulders but winced when he tried as a small tinge of pain shot up his sternum.

“See? This is what I mean Jon, I’m getting an orderly to get us a chair, now don’t move” she said, her eyes growing flat and serious.

He gritted his teeth and mumbled something that was inaudible.

“What?” she asked him crossing her arms.

He sighed “Nothing just get the orderly” he snapped.

She bit back a chuckle. Good god, it was going to be a long two weeks. She found an orderly and soon they had Jon in a chair and she was on her way to the car with him. He’d pulled on a cap and slipped on some sunglasses to ensure that he’d go unnoticed as media had already been tipped off that he was leaving the hospital today.

Once she had he strapped in the car she clicked in her own seat belt and plugged her key in. He looked so miserable, his eyes were dull and his whole body just sagged. He was a little broken so it was expected but she longed to see her Jon, in the way she loved and the way she knew he loved. Full of life and full of confidence.

She reached out and grabbed his hand “It’s going to be ok” she gave it a small squeeze.

He looked across at her and lifted her hand to his lips pressing a kiss against it. “I know Jess, it’s just going to take me a bit to get used to it. I’m going to be an asshole some days. You know that don’t you?” his lips curled into a small smile.

She managed a small chuckle “Oh I know, believe me. I’m prepared” she said remembering the conversation with Dot earlier. She’d do whatever it took to get him back to his normal self. Anything.