Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Chapter-Eighty Four

Jon sat thinking long and hard about the day’s events, the sadness in Jesse’s eyes still burning through his mind. What the hell was he doing? Sitting out here alone when downstairs the woman he loved and cared about more in the world was trying to deal with an ex-husband that was psycho. Fuck he was an idiot sometimes. He got to his feet and bounced down the stairs to an empty living room. A small shred of panic flickered through him thinking she’d left but relief soon set in when he saw her lone figure sitting out on the balcony.

He crept over to the sliding door that was slightly ajar and watched her silently. The cool night breeze teased her long brown waves of hair that fell loosely around her shoulders. Her large brown eyes that he forever could get lost in were hidden as her eyes were closed, she was asleep. Jon could see the remains of the silvery tracks that still glistened down her cheeks against the reflection of the city lights.

He walked over and lifted her gently into his arms she stirred a little, her eyes fluttering open meeting his. “It’s ok baby, just taking you up to bed” he whispered nosing into her hair. The smell of that vanilla mixed in with woman danced across his nostrils, she was insatiable.

Her arms snaked around his neck and held on as he carried her to the bedroom. She pulled him down into her when he laid her down needing his warmth and comfort. The need to be with him, feel his touch raced through her nerves. She reached up and kissed him, his lips were always so full and softer than you expected. Drawing his bottom lip into her mouth she sucked hard eliciting a small groan from him.

His hands found the hem of her top inching it north. He laid claim on her skin with his lips, sucking and nipping across the silky skin following his hands. She groaned inwardly as he found the clasp her bra setting her breasts free and at the mercy of his mouth. Teasing circular motions around her nipple it hardened in his mouth making it easier to suckle on. Her body arched high into him, feeling her hands fist into his hair silently begging him for more.

There was to be nothing rushed about this time, this was about showing her how much he loved her, and how she deserved to be loved. Moving to the other breast his thumb scraped along her wet hard nipple he’d released from his mouth. “That’s it, let go to me Jess” he breathed over the delicate flesh. The tormented moans began to slip from her mouth as he kept the sweet torture building.

“Jon” she managed to choke out on a sob, he was driving her over the edge, she wanted more, god did she want more. She needed him to fill her up and push her all the way to the bottom of the cliff that she was teetering on but still his assault on her breasts kept her pinned to the bed.

Finally his lips offered relief, but the way his body crawled down hers indicating it was only going to be momentarily. The desire burnt bright in his blue eyes which he kept firmly on hers hitching her skirt up. She gasped when he drew a singular line down the centre of her silk g-string teasing her of what would come next.

“Please…” she wiggled to move closer to him to deter him into some urgency but he just shook his head and nosed his way along her inner thigh letting his tongue slide out to taste her still denying her of the one thing that she was fawning for.

All thoughts were long forgotten of stand-offs in parking lots and dark eyed ex-husbands when his tongue pressed past the fabric barrier and she felt the warm slick feeling of his tongue slide into her knot of nerves. She arched further into him, a sense of surrender letting him know she was his for the taking.

The rich heady taste of her made his cock twitch still tightly confided in his jeans below. He’d get his release, oh yes he would but right now it was about driving her to distraction. Her own hand was desperately reaching for him but all she could grab was hair so she gave up and reached for her breast rubbing her nipple against her palm to strengthen already the mind blowing sensation she was about to let burst through her blood.

The first release ripped violently sending shocks radiating to her toes which curled from the waves of pleasure that washed over her. Jon waited letting quivers and jolts settle before he continued.

He was going for more? Fuck. “Jon... Please...” she tugged at his hair to motion him back up to her but he ignored it. His fingers slid inside her, one, two and then three causing her breathing to become shallow and her voice start to become hoarse.

Leaning up he placed a kiss on her stomach “Soon” he offered before continuing to flex inside her reaching parts of her that he knew drove her crazy. Desperate to let the next orgasm he watched her cupping her breasts again in an effort to build the feeling faster but Jon reached up and batted away her hands. “No cheating Jesse... just let yourself give in to it…”

“I want you” she breathed thrashing her head from side to side against the pillow, sweaty strands plastered her cheeks her teeth bit down on her bottom lip concentrating on what the man she had submitted everything to he was doing. Each flick of his finger penetrated her more taking her higher till at last she was set free once again.

Her warm sticky juices flooded his hands taking great pride in the way she screamed through the room and almost flew to the ceiling from his magic. Her stilted body lay panting, desperate for air. Clutching across at the sheets bunching them under her hands, she was wrecked. Well and truly spent but why did she still crave more?

The heat of his kisses travelled all the way back up her body while taking time to treat each dent, each curve with the ruthlessness of his tongue. Her nipples were aching and raw from his touches but that didn’t stop him paying them a little flick and nibble that made her think her eyes would roll right back into her head. She was ready to go again? Christ.

At last his lips crashed on hers, hungry and swollen from all his hard work. Her hands shifted to his buckle, and with a short flick it hit the ground with a thud. Kissing him still her hands slid his jeans slowly down over the curve of his ass digging her nails in tightly.

“In me” she managed between kisses “in me now” her voice commanded the consciousness that now was stirring in his cock.

He wrestled with his clothes and soon they were all but a pool on the floor. Hovering above her he gazed over her body taking her all in, she was restless for him and god damn if he wasn’t for her. He needed her now, needed to erase all that tension and fear of the day.

She cried out slapping her hands on his shoulders when he entered her, a whirlpool of emotions flooding her. She nibbled along that rigid jaw line, licking the dip in his chin before drawing on his lips once more and he began to move in her. It was heat on heat as she met him thrust for thrust. Each raggered breath she could muster between the long hot kisses sent cries, groans and undoubtedly would be soon screams into the room.

He hissed feeling the pain soon that was soon overridden by pleasure by her nails sinking further into his skin. “Harder, I need it harder”

Sweat poured off his temples splashing onto her body like raindrops when he increased the pace. He ran his hand down the underside of her calf before lifting it across his shoulder.

“God Jon!” she cried the hysteria already at breaking point in her brain, she couldn’t take much more. She couldn’t. Jon felt her clench down around his cock and grunted before he stopped, she was ready and so was he but he need to see her, see her enjoy him. He rolled her so the coolness of the sheets hit his back and she was now riding above him.

“Let me see you cum, I need to see it” his eyes filled with a deep hunger inviting her to move.

She leaned forward taking him deeper beginning to rock, her hands splayed on his chest through the soft fur that lay there. Making sure her thumbs occasionally flicked across his rock hard nipples she closed her eyes and lost herself in the feeling of tight fist wrapped around a hard shaft beneath her.

She was a vision and a half lost in the moment above him, her hair now dishevelled her body rising in a dance, his hands gripping her hips to guide her. He bucked her with each fall of her body till the explosion gripped them screaming each others names.

His hot seed shot through her and then she tumbled, destroyed and well spent falling into the covers with him. He held her close steadying his breathing waiting to come down from the incredible high they’d both experienced.

“Good fuck” she muttered, her heart still hammering loudly against her chest.

Taking a deep breath he pulled her in close “I concur” he kissed her forehead. Sated and sleepy they both soon rested in each others arms. Jesse just managing to hear his voice before she drifted into a contented sleep.

“I’ll never let him hurt you, never”


Stephanie said...

Good Lord, that was indescribable! Drove me to distraction that chapter did!

Hope the ass Jason gets what is coming to him and soon!

Anonymous said...


Can he come and take my mind off things? That was HOT!

Jovi's Willow said...

Excuse me, must get myself a cold drink... oh hell... time for hot sexy dreams.

That was WONDERFUL!!!

calijovigirl said...

Hot Hot Hot is the word....i can't even touch that!!! that was pure sex and awesome!!! hope she can make up her mind and they figure out together what is best for them and hunting will be fun too!!! my mind is made up who i'd choose....but i have always had a thing for blondes anyways...LOL

Daydreamer- said...

Wow, lots of new chapters!! You've been busy! I'm finally all caught up and all I can say is WOW. The Jason situation is scary. I think the only way it can end safely is for him to die!!

Loved that last sex scene, too. Really, really hot and loving. Great job!

Anonymous said...

wow Tresca that was amazing! LOVED it!

Joviswoman said...

I know need to go sit on a ice flow somewhere and cool the hell off!