Friday, June 6, 2008

Chapter Fifty Two

The party continued late into the afternoon, Jesse was able to meet Jon’s brothers, who had been much more accommodating that his mother. She’d managed to talk to John Bongiovi a bit more, he really was a lovely man, and she could see where Jon got all his good manners from. Carol had kept her distance and Dot had been friendly, as the crowds of people started to seep out she was sitting on the couch being questioned by Steph about her job, and telling her everything she knew, how she got into fashion and about where she worked. Steph was going to come to the office next week and spend the day with her.

Jon picked up a pile of plates and ushered them into the kitchen where Dot was clearing things away.

“Aw, you clean up now, and you don’t even live here?” she teased as she took the plates and stacked them in the dishwasher. Jon laughed; it hadn’t been one of his strongest points always making an excuse to avoid the house chores.

“Yeah I know, got the hint finally” he threw the rubbish into the large black bag she had out.

Dot looked through to the living area where Stephanie was still drilling Jesse with questions. “Looks like Stephanie has a new friend, you know she’s not going to leave her alone now, you know that right?” Dot laughed.

Jon nodded “I warned Jess that may happen, but she doesn’t mind, she’s happy to let Steph visit as long as you are ok with that, I can take her in if you want” Jon offered if Dot really was uncomfortable leaving them alone.

Dot scoffed as she turned on the coffee perk “Not necessary Jon, she does seem very nice, I’m glad you found her” she said honestly.

“Thanks, she’s wonderful, so... I just can’t explain it, I didn’t expect to so soon either, but I think my mother has different views of that somehow” Jon wiped down the counter tops with a wet cloth.

“Don’t worry too much Jon, you know how she gets, remember when we started dating, she hated me, no one was good enough for her Jonny” Dot recalling the memories.

“Until you” he smiled warmly, he knew his mother had a deep disposition that him and Dot should never have divorced in the first place, and even if it was just for the kids.

“She will grow on her, I’m sure, if it’s serious” Dot added as she hung up all the dish towels. “Well its all done Jon, thanks for your help today it was all I could hope for our little girl, who is not so little anymore” she said sadly.

“God tell me about it, she’s slipping away from us Dot, I blink and I almost miss that little girl that she was” he sighed as they both moved back into the living area.

Soon enough Jesse and Jon left the party saying goodbye to everyone, Steph walking them out to the car and thanking them again for coming and the presents, and of course talking about the work visit scheduled for next week.

Jesse breathed a sigh of relief as they pulled out onto the highway. It hadn’t been as bad as she imagined but she was glad it was over for the time being, watching Jon slip on his shades as the drove into the late afternoon sun.

“You ok baby?” he asked keeping his eyes fixed on the road as he tilted the window down to let some air in.

She smiled and placed her hand loosely on his knee “Fine babe, just glad it all went ok” she said honestly apart from the mild glitches with his parents.

“The kids loved you. Got to say I was surprised they attached so fast, I knew they’d like ya, but they loved ya, just like their old man” he teased as he pulled the car into a direction that wasn’t home.

Jesse watched as unfamiliar buildings flew past the window “Where are we going?” she asked.

He looked across at her and slid his sunglasses just slightly down his nose and raised his eyebrows.
“I’m abducting you” the smirk on his face was deliciously sexy matching the little flicker in his blue eyes.

Jesse raised her hand to her head woebegone “Oh no, please somebody help me… I’m so scared…” she overacted rolling hers into the back of her head and falling back on the seat.

Jon roared with laughter “Crazy woman, but that’s why I love ya” as he pulled into the parking lot overlooking the beach that was nearest their homes. He kicked off his shoes and picked up his cell.
“Come on, fancy a stroll... Heels off” he teased looking at her feet.

“I wasn’t dressed for the beach” she pouted as she rolled her jeans up a little and kicked off her heels. Taking the jacket she was wearing off she reached over and saw the Yankees sweater in the back and grabbed it. Jon rolled his eyes with a goofy grin.

“Look you and my clothes woman” he jeered as they climbed out of his car shaking his head.

“What? I like them” she protested slipping the sweater on her body as they reached the sand, the warm grains seeping in-between her toes. He laced his fingers through hers as they hit the sand, putting some distance between them and the parking lot.
The cool sea breeze tickled through their hair and the sounds of the waves crashing on to the beach reached their ears.

“There really nothing better is there?” Jon asked as he took in the beauty of the water in all its simplicity.

“Couldn’t agree more, I always think it’s a shame how little people tend to be here at times” her eyes casting down the deserted beach. “We live in such a busy often stressful life and people often forget the small things, like this... its sad” she observed.

Jon let go of her hand and slid his arm around her waist drawing her into his side as the strolled.
“Well let’s make a promise never to get like that; these are the moments that matter the most” his lips crashed into the side of her head above her temples.

She sighed as a contented smile graced her lips, how did she wait so long for a man like this to come into her life, he seemed to know anything she was thinking, and they shared so many ideal and values in life.
“It’s a deal, this will be our place to just think, walk, be away from all things real and daunting” she confirmed as she skimmed some sand with her toes out in front of them.

“Sounds good baby, so how do you feel after today, it was a big day for you, I know it was… cant be easy seeing that I have four kids, an ex wife and an indifferent mother all in the same space of time” he chuckled keen to know her thoughts. Most women would run at all the so called baggage that he had.

She turned and reached up to his cheek “You’re kids are just adorable, and so gorgeous, Stephanie is a very smart young lady, you must be so proud, and the boys, Romeo and Jake, wow they are a handful, but so cute... Jesse seems like a good kid, he was quiet today though” she commented.

Jon snorted “Yeah Jesse does take a little while to warm up to people, unlike my other two little rug rats, they were all over you... And Steph, well she’s fond of her already, I can tell, being in fashion probably helps that though” he watched the wind whip through her hair sending it careering out behind her.

Jesse nodded “She’s really into it, finally I have someone to pass on my wisdom and tricks too” she winked. She really was looking forward to showing Stephy the ropes, she saw the passion in the girl that once reminded her of herself when she was just starting out, but never anyone to tell her about things or show her the ropes. Steph was still so young so she had a great head start on things.

They both continued walking for twenty or so minutes, along the golden stretch of heaven, talking laughing and just enjoying again that companionable silence they both had grown to be so comfortable with.

Jon was so pleased her first meeting with the family went as well as it could, he always knew his mother would have reservations but she’d just have to learn to get over it, he was with Jesse now, the woman that fulfilled the gap that the divorce left in his heart and more. God, they’d hardly been together months, let alone years when he’d asked Dorothea to marry him, and she had been widowed for just six months, but when was the right time? Life seemed to be too short, he’d have to think on it, as the more he knew Jesse and spent his time with her, the more he couldn’t see it being any other way. Ever.

On the other side, Jesse herself was deep in thought, she knew today was a big step for their relationship meeting the kids and his family. That told her Jon was serious about her, which she already knew, and she did feel the same way, but something so small and niggling was keeping her from letting go completely to him, maybe it would come in time, but the discontent with Jason’s parents had still weighed heavily on her mind. She watched him as he gazed to the ocean and she smiled, maybe she was just making it more complicated than it really did need to be, they were enjoying each other and that’s how she would just go on, she loved him, and there was no doubt about it.

The water began inching closer at their feet, until it swirled around them and retreated before coming back again.
A playful smile soon emerged on her face as she waited till it came back and kicked it gently so Jon was sprayed with it., his yelp and jump into mid air took him off guard, as she took off down the beach like a love sick teenager giggling.

Jon shook his head and took after her “You come back her Jesse Adams, right now!”

She turned still running backwards as her mischievous smile spread.
“You afraid of getting wet stud?” she teased as she knew he’d grab her any second as there was no contest.

“Oh, I‘m not the only one that’s about to get wet baby... Not by a long shot” the gleam in his eye was one that promised payback, and maybe something else.